Must Read: Free Learning Websites for all 21st Century Learners

Must Read: Free Learning Websites for all 21st Century Learners

It seems difficult to keep pace with the continuous growing list of free learning websites for students, and decide which ones will be ideal for your needs and assist you in learning skills you are in need of without spending large cash.New free websites

 for 21st century learning have always been launched and even those that have been on the scenario for quite sometimes don’t gather sufficient concentration to create it onto your radar, frequently getting overshadowed by further elevated sketched sites.  Due to such reason, even those belonging to the edtech industry can overlook a few sincerely useful free learning sites for learners. 


We would just emphasize here of some of these not so common learning websites, that run the length from providing complete degree programs to easy job-skill preparation tools, contributing a bit of somewhat to every sort of student as 21st century learning websites.

Scitable is an online shared room for science education and was formed by NatureEducation.  The contents of the site deal with life sciences, but there are also several resources for helping learners to begin or speed up in a science profession.  People, who visit the site can look for science articles and ebooks, ask experts various questions pertaining to science, form an online class room or even share their own content.

2. TVO:
The Ontario-based television station provides much of the similar educational resources and facilities for edtech enthusiasts for e-learning.  Even if you fail to catch up alive, you can yet opt for dozens of videos on topics pertaining to science, nature, business, tech, education and culture.  It is great ideas to be linked to TVO site which provide videos that deal with crucial and attractive topics like mathematics, economics and even urban plan.  Besides these, there are other resources which comprise of educational tools for parents and children, civics education on Canadian government and link to heaps of convincing documentaries.

Saylor was created in 2008 and has mostly shifted beneath the radar, while sites like Coursera and Udacity have been gathering major concentration on free education currently.  The site provides nearly 250 free online courses with topics relating to the 10 highest enrollment majors in U.S.  Apart from taking classes, learners can join in conversation forums (prepared topic wise), follow courses and print transcripts, and may also be able to access free textbooks recently.

This North Carolina-based site is formed by Goodwill and deals with assisting people from all spheres of life to form skills in technology, literacy and mathematics that will assist them in finding work.  All lessons provided by the site are completely free, and also go entirely free with mobile applications thereby making it possible to learn while travelling.  Presently, there are more than 750 free lessons that educate the whole thing starting from using Microsoft Office till essential addition and subtraction.

The innovator of educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef – University of the People is a tuition free, non-profit, online educational institute that provides admission to undergraduate degree courses in business administration and computer science.  It maintains associations with Yale, NYU, Hewlett-Packard and Catalyst Initiative for providing students with research opportunities, upcoming learning and internships.  Inspite of the fact that the site deals with assisting learners from developing nations, students from almost 130 different nations were acknowledged (tuition is free, yet you still have to make an application).

Engineering for Change is a live, interactive webcast permitting participants to learn and interrelate with others in engineering, rather than a conventional learning site with videos, courses and lessons.  It’s even an option to play a dynamic task in assisting to resolve compassionate engineering problems.  A fresh topic is suggested each month, and if any individual feels fascinated to turn out to be more concerned or learning more pertaining to engineering, is encouraged in signing.

The site Faculty Project is hosted just this year and provides a medium for learners to get entry to professors from prominent schools as Dartmouth, Vassar, Duke, Northwestern and the like.  There are dozens of courses and lectures for selection which envelops a wide range of topics.  The site is slowly housing a large collection of resources which can assist students for learning from video, PDF, PowerPoint, conversation boards and learning articles.

Textbook Revolution is among the growing number of sites that are dedicated to providing users with entry to free textbooks.  While it hasn’t received as much concentration as a few other sites, it’s still a solid area to search for free educational resources.  Presently, the site provides entry to dozens of text books covering topics from accounting to chemistry.

Learnthat is an outstanding area for searching tutorials dealing with business, technology and finance.  Persons who visit the site gain knowledge from hundreds of useful articles, videos and photos related to skill improvement in Excel, digital marketing or even administration.

Although many individuals acquainted with web have heard of Reddit, yet most of them may not be well-known with the University of Reddit.  The site provides any individual the possibility to share their skills with others in the web through class lectures and videos.  Presently, the site is the address to educational materials pertaining to art, computer science, general studies, language, mathematics, music, philosophy, science and social studies – which indicate that majority of the things are included.  If they’re not, learners are all the time welcome to include their individual educational content.

MentorMob is an extraordinary tool for collecting together resources from different sites, arranging them and allocating them with others, but it doesn’t distribute any of its own educational content.  Users can make their individual “playlists” or search for already prevailing collections compiled by other users  Even though it has been featured in a lot of noteworthy publications, the site lacks the extensive concentration that others produce, but that could alter as the Pinterest-like functionality helps users to produce extremely useful lists for education.

Memrise promises to help users in learning through an amalgamation of brain science, enjoyment and society.  Majority of the content is game-based and extremely illustrative, providing the possibility of skill enhancement to the visitors in different languages or even to study further about topics like cheese, herbs and fish.

LearnersTV brings collectively videos, audio lectures, science animations, lecture notes, online tests, presentations and publications to provide visitors an extensive spectrum of material for edtech e-learning.  Those who search for a vast skill can get complete courses, while others performing just cursory research can search through short articles and Power Points.

14. GROVO:
In today’s job market, the knowledge of using technology is an indispensable ability, but with the sprouting up of numerous technologies every time, it can be difficult to keep pace with all of them.  It’s there where the online edtech e-learning site, Grovo can assist, which is unique in providing video lessons on the foremost internet products.  Visitors to the site can increase their knowledge of sites like Twitter, Gmail, Facebok and WordPress, or simply learn a little more about netiquette and online marketing.

Alison was hosted in 2007 and provides free online courses and official recognition through 400 diverse courses in 10 diverse course categories.  The site assists people all over the world to earn official recognition in topics pertaining to legal studies, psychology, health studies, project management and human resources.  All content is free of charge, but you need to pay about $20 to get a copy of your official recognition.

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How many of these did you know? Let us know some more great 21st century learning resources in the comments.

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