Mindmapping Tips For Educators

Mindmapping Tips For Educators

"Every student can learn, just not on the same day or the same way”-George Evans

Education is considered to be the inevitable need of today's competing world. Every child around the globe is fed in education in different ways and techniques. There arises

 a high time importance and prudence in educating a child. The more efficient your teaching technique, the better your students’ comprehension level.

One such new nascent technique is called "MIND MAPPING". Mind Mapping in education, triggers the powerful sub-conscious memory that can create wonders with the usual cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.

Can the students remember the below in the correct order and correct match???
BUTTERFLY: eggs - caterpillar - pupa -adult butterfly
FISH: eggs - alevin - fry - parr - smolt - adult fish
SILK WORM: eggs - larvae - cocoon - moth
FROG: eggs - embryo - tadpole - froglet - adult frog

No worries, this can be made simply possible with Mind Mapping techniques. There are many Mind Mapping apps available at ease for the educators to actively involve the students in teaching process. Thus these technologies prove to be a cheerful journey both for the educators and learners.

Teachers’ prime duty is to indulge all the students in the classroom activities. Mind mapping can be practiced through the following drills:

It is a simple technique involving in integrating many students under a single roof for a single cause. Involving brains together derives a good working scenario for the students. Here they realize their importance in the group and learn to express their view points on a single issue. Good decisions are possible only through multi direction analysis of a particular topic.
In addition to this, students will directly benefit from this experience because they can:
- become active participants
- share their ideas and opinions
- understand different perspectives
- enhance their creative thinking
- identify key concepts
Hence Mind Mapping can be used to draw simple relation in Brainstorming that assist in arriving at the bedrock of one's notion. Mind mapping ensures the clear delivery of what an individual student intend to deliver.

Mind Mapping plays an eminent role in Team Work.
Be it debate, discussion, project, presentation, etc. sharing educator's mind map with the students can
-enable lucid understanding of the base concept
-enable improvements and improvisations over the basic idea,
-enable realizing single person's importance and dedication for a stipulated team work
The successful Team work prerequisites are as follows:
-Coordination and co-operation
-In-sink working strategies
-Uniform comprehending level and contribution level.
These can be imparted by incorporating Mind map sharing among the team mates.
Thus, the overall job becomes a cakewalk for the members with clear knowledge about the requirements of the work. Team work can be made more interactive and joyful through this.

Mind Mapping not only helps in long term memory retention but also in enhancing individual's spontaneity and impromptu skills
As your students will get used to presenting their ideas and projects they will:
- better master the content they are presenting
- collect information and resources on a mind map
- improve their technical skills
- create more awareness about an issue
- become independent learners
The ardent presentation skills are:
-clear idea
-vivid points making
-untangled delivery skills
Mind Mapping evades all the difficulties in above and exercises a knock on effect on the presentation. Now presentations are a work of couple of minutes compared to the traditional tedious cramming.

One of the key area in which the students grumble is "Assignment submission". Even this can be made easy and exciting with mind mapping .
As assignments in mind mapping form can boost the students’ interest and involvement that comes handy to work with.
And here is the simple method for the question posed in the beginning.
Mind mapping shifts the elusiveness to easiness!
As a bottom line:
"Every student is eligible for earnest education"
A witful way of delivering the knowledge to all the category of students is the prime duty of an elite pedagogue!
So impart new technologies in teaching and take education one step forward :)

Tips for Teachers: Can use it for personal To-do List as well. As shown in the Image 2 in the Image slider above.

Todo list mind mapping

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