Popular Platforms for Skill Development Every Online Learner Must Know

Popular Platforms for Skill Development Every Online Learner Must Know

New challenges often call for new skills but finding ways to develop them is not easy. 

Using new technologies allow students and teachers to learn another skill set that will help them in the marketplace. Check out this list of few platforms to know that can be your mantra for skill development.


It is an online learning community to master real-world skills from project-based classes. Learners can access hundreds of online classes taught by best experts in creativity, design, business and technology.

The short lessons and hands-on project makes learning fun easy and convenient. Engaged community keeps learners motivated and inspired. With a focus on learning by doing, SkillShare is reinventing education to unlock the potential of people around the globe.   


It is an online social enterprise. ALISON stands for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online. The platform provides high quality, interactive and certified learning courses free to the learners. Learners can learn anything from the diverse platform. From law and legal skills, to management skills, music, art and what not!

 The platform was launched in April 2007. Ever since, the platform has developed relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions like Microsoft, British Council and Macmillan.

The website has over one million registered users virtually in every country worldwide.    


The platform provides awesome online courses where learners can polish their skills or gain some new skills. Anyone can learn creative and technical skills. Learners are provided with high quality images and videos accessible to all, around the globe. The platform provides a free trial for 7 days and is charged afterwards.



Skillpocket is a community marketplace that helps learners to book the time of experts and professionals. The platform allows learners to easily book the person you need – in person or online.
Also, if you have got some skills you want to share then it’s a great platform to contribute to society as well as make some earnings.

It’s the place where people meet every day, create something better everyday and for everyone.


Skills Platform

The Skills Platform provides a unique market place to help individuals search and compare training providers and consultants who have experience and knowledge in delivering to the health and social sectors.

Learners belonging to the field of health and social sectors can find or create the right type of support they need in the right place and at the right time. Other users are also there for help. Individuals can find people in their area of interest who are willing to work with them, see who they recommend and then connect online or meet up. The leading authorities on training and skills for the health and social sectors develop the platform; the Skills Platform is committed to find practical solutions to increase opportunities for learning and development. The Skills Platform is hosted by Skills for Health who area registered charity and a not for profit organization.

The Skills Network

The Skills Network Limited is one of the UK’s most successful providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions. The platform develops and delivers effective and innovative skills training and educational content.

The latest product by the company:

EQUAL by skill network

EQUAL is the new online learning platform developed to provide users with interactive courses. Users can access a variety of courses for different sectors such as home learners, employers, schools, colleges and training providers.   The courses provided are easily accessible, interactive and are strongly encouraged for autonomous learning. 


The platform offers numerous courses in the form of MOOCs. Apart from the educational courses, one can learn anything from music to kickboxing, cooking and a lot more!

All one got to do is enroll for micro courses offered by this website and learn from the vast variety of courses they offer. Each lecture on the platform has an average length of 8 minutes keeping the content short, crisp and focused.

At Chalkstreet, learners get to choose a course of their interest from the vast variety of options they offer. It is a fresh and interesting platform to gain as many skills as you acquire to be. 


The platform offers online training and services for use around India. Courseplay allows millions of individuals to access their skill development and training programs online from anywhere through low-cost smartphones, tablets and computers.

Individuals can create, upload and maintain the platform with their content and add-ons. This way, one can even boost the reach and effectiveness of their course materials.
It is extremely easy for the instructor to create and upload learning material. At the same time, the user remains engaged with the content until the learning goals are met. The content on the site is created by certified training partners and can be altered as per client’s requirement. The site offers wide variety of courses under various sectors like fundamentals, industrial, take away training series and a lot more.

Go ahead and help yourself polishing your skills with these platforms and share your experience with us.

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