7 Reasons Why Educators Love the WizIQ Virtual Classroom

7 Reasons Why Educators Love the WizIQ Virtual Classroom

Over 400,000 educators use the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to deliver live, online classes and connect with their learners. In fact, virtual classroom has revolutionized the way teaching happens by enabling live, real-time interaction between educators and learners.

The strength of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom lies in the fact that though it is deeply rooted in a powerful technology yet it is extremely intuitive to use. It enables you to become a modern online educator who uses creative and engaging approaches to address the learning needs of learners.

With an abundance of information available through various sources, learners are a curious lot these days. They need someone to help them understand concepts and make sense of things around them. This makes the role of a teacher in an online classroom quite crucial. With a range of innovative classroom features, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom enables educators to satiate this hunger for knowledge by engaging learners in the learning process and delivering enriching learning experiences.

Here, we list the top 7 features of the WizIQ Virtual Classroom that educators totally love. These features can help you engage your learners too.

1. Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboard is the interface that educators use to connect with their learners in a live, online classroom. The real action in a live class happens here. It has every possible tool that you, as an educator, would need to teach learners. Some of these tools include, Graph, Pointer tool, Shapes, Text tool, Drawing tool and even emoticons, just to name a few of them. The tools are super simple and easy-to-use, so much so that you can pretty much launch a live class and start using them even if you haven’t used them before. No prior training is required. You can use the Whiteboard to write, draw, display equations and geometrical shapes, show and annotate documents and do much more. You can even allow your learners to write and draw with you on the Whiteboard. Now that’s real collaboration with your learners in an online class. Isn’t it?   

2. Live Audio & Video Streaming

Live audio and video streaming brings your classroom to life. Your learners can see you and listen to you via live video and audio chat and vice versa. Virtual Classroom provides you with 6-way video and unlimited audio streaming. This means that 6 participants can have video chat whereas an unlimited number of participants can have audio chat in a live class. You can allow learners in your class to share their audio and video by sharing audio and video controls with them. This feature will ensure that you or your learners never miss the conventional, brick-and-mortar classroom.

3. Content Sharing

Notes, documents, question papers, presentations, and more - there is so much content that can be useful in a live class and must be shared with learners to help them understand a particular concept. Well, now teachers don’t have to fret about sharing content with learners in a live class. Just upload content to your WizIQ Content Library and access it during your class. Forgot to upload content to your Library before your class? No problem! Use the Upload from Desktop option to upload and access files during the class. This feature also comes in handy when you have a brainwave about using some amazing content available on your desktop that you had not planned to use earlier in a live class. Your classroom truly lets you improvise. After all, an idea can strike you anytime. Engage and edify your learners with great content in multiple formats. You don’t need to hold yourself back anymore.    

4. Video Playback using Media Player

An out-of-the-box teaching style is what makes you stand apart from the crowd. Good teachers don’t just believe in teaching, they believe in engaging learners. If your learners are engaged, then half the battle is already won.

Using multimedia tools to engage students is quite popular in online classrooms. Through Virtual Classroom’s built-in Media Player, teachers can play an audio or video and control audio/video playback with functions, such as play, pause, rewind, and forward, right in the class. It could be an audio clip for a music lesson or a How-to video for a science project. Virtual Classroom supports it all.  

Want to play a video available on YouTube in your classroom? Consider it done. The WizIQ Virtual Classroom allows you to play YouTube videos during your class by simple using their video link or URL. Videos are a great way to engage learners. Make ample use of them, whenever possible. You get a fully-loaded Media Player with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

5. Group Activities with Breakout Rooms

One size doesn’t fit all. Learners usually have varying learning needs and addressing them during a single class becomes overwhelming at times. Well, Virtual Classroom makes it absolutely easy for you with its innovative Breakout Room feature. Some of the things that you can do using Breakout Rooms include:

  • Create Sub-groups – Divide learners of your class into sub-groups and select the learners that you want to put in each breakout room based on their learning needs and then interact with them accordingly.
  • Activity-based Teaching- A breakout room comes in handy for activity-based teaching where you need to divide learners into groups, give them a time frame, and let them do the activity. And, then collectively discuss and brainstorm with them.
  • One-On-One Session – You can connect with an individual learner in a one-on-one session using a breakout room.

6. Instant Opinion through Polls

Teaching should enable learners to think independently and express their opinion clearly. Poll feature lets you do exactly that. You can create polls with a set of questions of your choice and define responses that learners can choose from. Polls help you get instant opinion and feedback of learners on any subject. You can create a poll and publish it quickly to all the class participants at once during a live class. The best part is that the poll results viz. responses of your learners are aggregated and presented in easy-to-consume formats, including bar chart, pie chart, and list view. You simply need to choose a format. Polling feature engages learners and serves as a starting point for great discussions and things.

7. Manage Learners with Attendee List

Attendee List puts you in the driver’s seat by displaying the list of all attendees or learners in one place. You can see the names and other details of each learner in the list and manage every learner in the class from here. Here are a few things that you can easily do from the Attendee List:

  • Share audio, video or writing controls with learners, allowing them to share their audio, video and content in the class. You can take back these controls at any time.
  • Block a learner if he/she is being disruptive.
  • Use the search feature to look for a learner easily in the Attendee List. This comes in handy for a class with a huge number of attendees.
  • Invite a learner to your class even during an ongoing session by simply clicking the ‘Invite Attendee’ button located on the top of the Attendee List.
  • Add learners to different Breakout Rooms for any activity-based learning.
  • Quickly identify learners who have queries during the class and address them.

Teachers shoulder a big responsibility of shaping the future generation, which is not an easy task. When it comes to live, online teaching, apart from being eloquent, inspirational, and a subject matter expert, you need the right technology or tool to deliver live learning. The WizIQ Virtual Classroom provides you with the right tools to engage your learners and deliver great content in different formats while allowing you to manage the classroom experience. Be an online educator who is a change agent in the true sense of the word. Try the WizIQ Virtual Classroom today.

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