How Educators Can Build Their Online Branded School

How Educators Can Build Their Online Branded School

Education is the most indispensable fragment of our lives and today we have access to numerous educational resources in many ways. Over the years things have changed; reaching out physically isn’t the only option available but also we can look forward to online schools.

With rapid advancement in technology and vast use of electronics like laptops, tablets and smartphones, education is just a few clicks away be it self paced or facilitated. Few reasons behind people opting for online education is that it is cost efficient, saves time and is easily accessible.

Educators who are willing to create their online branded schools can do so with the help of various online teaching platforms that are offering an easy and quick way to create their own online schools.

Few examples are:,,, Such sites provide a free or low cost set up to get your online school up. All you have to do is to upload the database keeping the needs of the students in your mind. Educators can include video or audio lectures, assessments, readings, exercises, or any other type of learning action, and offer the ability to easily upload, and create.

We would be talking about Learnyst as an example keeping in mind their wonderful user testimonials. Learnyst is a website offering educators to build their online schools for free. It creates a platform for all those who are willing to teach online which leads to the launch of their free online branded school. Learnyst helps educators build their branded elearning website and sell courses in just 5 minutes. Its like Shopify for education. Using Learnyst educators can build their branded Elearning school in just 5 minutes. They don’t have to worry about development, coding or technology maintenance. All they have to do is follow THREE simple process – upload courses, publish courses & launch their branded Elearning website. It is as simple as that. When they have their elearning site ready students can purchase courses and study online. 

Using Learnyst educators are generating 30X revenue over investment without worrying about implementation or technology maintenance.

Sign up and choose your best-fit plan. It’s a 3-step process:

Upload your course and organize:

The course/s that you are going to upload should be student friendly, define learning objectives and have course sequence. Ensure your course has apt title and description as it helps students getting an overview of your course.

Publish your course:  

  • Set a price and publish your course.
  • Offer free trials to gain maximum signups.

Customize your school front:   

An attractive and easy to use school front with different types of learning techniques.

Founders of Bangalore based Learnyst, Shankar Mahesh & Shiv Ranjan Kumar say, “Both of us are school & college mates. We have known each other for the past 20 years and loved developing new apps since our college days. The biggest challenge in education segment is finding product-market fit and customer acquisition. Our focus towards India market has helped us find our product niche early in the game.”

A satisfied client of Learnyst, Mr. Prasad (founder of learningroots .in) says, “Our experience of setting up an online school with Learnyst was completely hassle-free. With Learnyst we are able to focus on core of our business without worrying about IT infrastructure. I can confidently say that Learnyst is lot better than their competitor companies in the similar space (esp. for Indian clients). is glad to have Learnyst as its technology partner.”

Mr. Sreeni (Director of Career Launcher) says “'Learnyst inside' is for sure going to be the mantra, the engine, driving the penetration of many an educational initiative which seek to create an impact to every child in our country. CL Educate is one such movement in education space that has 'Learnyst' inside in an endeavor, which is stimulating the learners. I am sure the world is going to hear a lot about Learnyst in the coming years.

Also, Mr. Rajesh (Director at IIM) says, “Learnyst has been a dream to work with. The product they have provided us is excellent and they have built it with enough vision to last two cycles. But more important than this is their willingness to do two key things: 1) Offer whatever assistance required for the student to crack the learning process. They are usually ahead of us in ideas for improving the quality of delivery. 2) Improving the product for the next iteration. I think both of these attributes will hold them in good stead.”

Educators who are building these online schools are providing a fresh and easily accessible platform for remote areas where there is less mobility also it can be a substitute product for distance learning. While the increase in scalable, online learning option is good news for the soaring price of education. It’s a school in each hand.

An educator as an admin can also track student progress, view analytics, customize their school front & set link their payment accounts. There is no limit on number of courses or on student enrollments but the pricing model is bandwidth based.

Which tool do you use for creating your online school?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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