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The rapidly growing online education industry is a big hit already. But there are a number of hurdles faced by this industry and one of them is that students are not able to complete their online courses.

A major part of course is left incomplete reason being length of the course. The problem is that courses are too long; the author gets to decide what is included in the course whereas user wants a more flexible approach in e-learning where he/she can decide to learn exactly what lies in their field of interest and be able to navigate through wide variety of offered courses.  The solution to the problem is micro courses, which are short online courses that cater to the exact need of the learner. The courses are short enough to keep you interested and long enough to furnish your desired skills. 

One such online teaching and learning platform is where you can learn anything from kickboxing to programming to cooking. Set up in an Indian context, anyone seeking to share or gain knowledge can simply be lost in a world; where education streams through the Internet and vital life skills can be learnt from the comforts of your bedroom. All one got to do is enroll for micro courses offered by this website and learn from the vast variety of courses they offer. Each lecture on the platform has an average length of 8 minutes keeping the content short, crisp and focused.   

You can directly learn what you want. They deliver anywhere anytime.

Not only learning but teaching on Chalkstreet is very convenient and fun too.  Here, you can convert your expertise into a product or earn from your hobbies. Monetize your knowledge and build your brand. To teach on Chalkstreet, you can be an expert, instructor or a hobbyist. All you have to do is choose the topic you want to teach.  Know your audience and design the structure of the course accordingly. Create the learning experience by providing interesting ways of teachings to learners; connect with them by answering their questions or considering their feedback and make money.

The interesting thing is that you do not need any eligibility to publish your course on Chalkstreet, as long as you are an authority of what you are going to teach in your course, there are no additional criteria you need to fulfill. Also, you don not have to pay anything for listing your courses on Chalkstreet they offer the servers required to host the course as well as the marketing efforts are completely free of cost. Every time a learner subscribes to your course you earn a percentage of the subscription fee. You will be paid every month depending on exceeds above the bar set by the platform.

From the perspective of a learner, a micro course is a unit of knowledge that can be perceived in short spans of time keeping the learner focused and interested. Each micro course consists of micro lessons that doesn’t last for more than several minutes.

Users are already aware that the lessons wont take more than those several minutes so they can more easily dedicate that short periods of time in learning something they want to at maximum efficiency.

Also, completion of course keeps them motivated to learn more.

At Chalkstreet, students get to choose a course of their interest from the vast variety of options they offer.

Select a course from the bundle of courses and preview its content. Check if it suits your purpose. Subscribe to the course of your choice. You can also take free trials to get a hint of the way of teaching. After paying for the course you can learn as many times as you want from this advanced learning platform, as the content of the course is available to you long after you’ve completed the course. Micro courses are cheaper than ordinary online courses so they are pocket friendly as well. Learners can request specific courses to be made. Authors can see statistics on what people are looking for and provide courses that are in demand.

All you need is an Internet connection to teach and to learn.

It is a fresh and interesting platform to learn as many things as you want at your own pace and within your comforts. The micro-course format makes knowledge transfer from person to person incredibly easy. Its easily accessible and a time saving learning technique providing vast options and hassle free learning.  Chalkstreet will turnover a leaf in online learning. 

Join the community of online teachers to convert your knowledge and expertise into amazing learning experiences for inquisitive minds across India.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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