Amazing List of Fun Math Games (Categorized) for Your School

We often see kids not wanting to study mathematics or finding math more difficult than the other subjects. Well this is sad but true!

A new approach towards this subject can take away a lot of headache it causes. Game based learning and gamification can help; with which students can have fun while learning math!

Below is a list of fun math games that can aid you teach students math and also see their happy faces while they learn it. Check it out!

Pre School/ Kindergarten

1) Teddy numbers

This game can help you teach kids counting till 1 to 15. Make kids learn the digits and their words for the numbers with this interactive game. With a simple drag and drop exercise you can assist kids and help them get their initial math experience.

2) Counting Caterpillar

This caterpillar is hungry! Catch aphids in the correct number sequence to feed the caterpillar and fill its belly. Earn butterflies while progressing through multiple levels, and visit them in the butterfly gallery. This interactive game helps kids to learn counting. Apt for kindergarten kids. Gorgeous colors and stunning visuals plus cute caterpillars and butterflies! on the display is enough to keep kids engaged and interested throughout the 45 levels of building math in mind.  

3) Underwater Counting

This interactive game for kids help them learn counting from 1 to 10.  The game takes the form of a treasure hunt where children are challenged to find the treasure by achieving ten correct answers.

Designed for children, the game has two difficulty levels which can be matched to the appropriate numerical ability. As well as reinforcing the concept of counting the game also helps children with number recognition.

4) Dot To Dot Numbers & Letters Lite

Designed for Preschool, DotToDot Numbers is a connect-the-dots type game, which teaches children to count as they draw.

Connect the dots by counting in order to reveal the hidden shape! Great artwork and sound effects make this a fun and engaging experience.

5) Toddlers Animals Numbers

Toddler Animal Numbers demonstrates the basic concept of counting to pre-school children, the names of the numbers from 1 to 10 and their order, the fact that each item can only be used once in counting and that the order they choose to count does not alter the result. With the great animations and audio feedback, Toddler Animal Numbers is appropriate for ages 2-4.

6) Connect’em

This is a challenging game with more than 4000 levels that can give you a good mind workout but the initial level and the arcade mode can be used to teach kids the initial numbers. user simply have to connect numbers or as mentioned in the game “blobs” together.

7) Kids Numbers and Math

With this game Kids will learn to:
- Name numbers
- Count
- Compare numbers

- Match numbers

Numbers are spoken in kid-friendly English that helps them learn counting in an easy manner. The advanced levels can help kids learn about Addition and Subtraction as well.

8) Kids Math Count Number Game

Kids Math Count Numbers Game, has been announced as a winner for the ‘Best Education App’ title in the Vodafone appStar global contest 2014 on January 15th, 2015, 

It’s an interactive application with six engaging kids games or activities:
-- Learn to count numbers from 1 to 10.
-- Writing and spell numbers

-- Identifying greater and smaller number

-- Find missing numbers and arrange them in ascending and descending order.
-- Learning number names
-- Connecting dots to form a picture with a sub-activity to solve the puzzles.
-- Number song - dance with numbers and Santa, based on Christmas theme.

Few activities of this game are apt for the pre schoolers.

9) xGerms Counting Numbers

K12 xGerms Counting lets you practice counting up to 50 by capturing hoards of goofy germs. You’ll count by 1s and then by 10s, 5s, and 2s.


-- Perfect challenge for early learners just learning how to count

-- Colorful, fun, animated germs to count and capture

-- 16 challenging levels- easy, medium, and difficult for each skill

The app is currently free through the amazon app store for android. Coming soon to Google play.

10) Slate Math For Kids – Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games

SlateMath is an iPad app that develops mathematical intuition and skills through playful interaction. The app's 38 activities prepare children for kindergarten and first grade math. 
SlateMath forms the foundation of numbers, digit writing, counting, addition, order relation, patterns, parity and problem solving. 

Early Childhood/Primary Education Games on the next page...

Early Childhood/Primary Education

1) King of Math Junior

It is a mathematical game in a medieval environment where user can climb ladders by answering math questions and solving puzzles. This app can help you to be their new favorite teacher and watching them doing excel in your subject will be complementary! The game is available on google play store so it can be easily accessed by any smart device user.   

2) Thinking Blocks

It helps kids visualize word problems; make sense of what’s being asked, and set up the equations necessary to solve the problem. The series of four apps covers addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, ratios, and proportions. The game is available on iOS so can be used by any Apple user.

3) Math Training for Kids

Apt for kids aged 3 and above. With Three difficulty levels and the four basic concepts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) in this simple app that teaches solid math fundamentals will help child become more skilled. Playful interface keeps kids engaging. The game is available on iOS and android. 

4) YodelOh Math Mountain

It lets you check the basic concepts of your kid. Test addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Great for learning and practicing the whole range of math facts, with an old school carnival game feel.

5) Kids Math

The main task here is to pass all eight levels within a certain time frame by answering 10 math questions at each level that includes fractions and comparing number questions. Each question allows 30 seconds of answering time; for correct answers, players are rewarded with an additional four seconds. Dynamically generated questioning means that kids get new questions every time they play. One of the best and cool games for kids.
Kids math will definitely help your kid to make more progress in school math.

Apt for kids elder than 3 years of age and is available on Android.

6) Marble Math Junior  

Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers and bonuses as you navigate a marble maze. With three difficulty levels and 16 marble styles, this app can be personalized to fit your kid’s skills and personality. It also lets you customize games to concentrate on the areas in which your child needs the most help. 

7) Numbertime

This game by BBC is ideal for consolidating mental math skills at the age group between 5-7. The emphasis is on fun and building pupils' confidence with a range of numeracy objectives.

8) Missing Numbers

Kids playing this game can really polish their arithmetic skills. Users simply have to fill numbers to complete math sentences. With 4 levels to opt from, kids can succeed, as they become a pro at calculation. Get started with less than 20 and move to 50, 100, and 1000!     

9) The Numbers Negative

Negative numbers often confuse kids. Unable to decide which one is greater than between to negative signs? Well this can help you there. Kids have to arrange number line in right order from the jumbled digits. This way they will learn about the comparing negative numbers. the digits given have to be arranged in an increasing order.

10) ABACUS – Basics

With this game user can learn to count on abacus online. 9 challenging levels help kids excel the most important area of math. By playing the game the student practices logical thinking, mental calculation.

11) Math Evolve A Fun Math Game For Kids

Awards and appreciation the game has received speaks for the likeability of the game:

-- Winner of BEST EDUCATIONAL GAME OF 2011 in the Best App Ever Awards. 
-- “The holy grail of edutainment math apps.” Editors Choice, 5/5 Score -Best Apps for Kids 
-- “A must-have game app for kids...An excellent way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division via fun and interactive game play.” - Fun Educational Apps

Math Evolve is already being enjoyed by over 250,000 students around the world, and parents and teachers alike are praising it as “revolutionary” and “extremely engaging. With hand on this game user can polish their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills

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For Middle Aged Students  

1) Sky Numbers

 For a fun game that will refine your arithmetic skills, check out SkyNumbers. In this game, you're given a target number while other numbers fall from the sky. You must combine these numbers with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to reach the target number. If a single figure falls through the last cloud, the game is over. The speed at which the numbers fall increases with time making this game a fun challenge. 

2) Sushi Monster

It is an Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging. 
The game helps teacher in building students reasoning strategies for whole number additions and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. User Earns points with each correct answer motivating and an engaging app helping teachers to create math sessions that are enjoyable.

3) Mathmateer

To build a rocket ship to launch into space, kids must earn money by completing basic math challenges while recognizing patterns and shapes, telling time, and working on fractions and square roots. Thi game will help kids to learn math in a fun way.   

Achievements and appreciations:

The game has been featured in The New York Times!
Editor's Choice Award! - Children's Technology Review
Top 10 best app for elementary school kids - Appolicious

4) Mathly Hollows

The monsters are attacking! Kids must defend Mathly Hollows from the onslaught by using math skills to work towards the Master Wizard of Math title. Pet monsters and powerful friends act as rewards along the way to keep kids motivated during the game. Plus, this app addresses curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards in math.

5) Who Wants to be a Mathionaire?

Just like the show “who wants to be a millionaire” and “kon banega crorepati”, this is a quiz game where students get to answer random math questions. The questions are not too simple and also include some useful math-based trivia like “How many years are in a millennium?” and non-arithmetic based questions such as “What is the name for the longest side of a right angled triangle?” and “How many sides does a decagon have?”. The game involves the concept of winning money, and some of the questions can get quite tricky, so this one isn’t for the youngest crowd. The user also gets the lifelines option and students can enjoy this game very much. Also teachers can use this game to hold quizzes in class with random math question.  

6) One Step Equation Game

Most children don’t like algebra. But with this game they actually might start liking the mix. The player has to answer an algebra question, then they get a chance to make a basket. The best part about this game is that it supports two players, so your kids can practice against their siblings, or peers for better engagement.

7) Guess The Random Angle

Measuring angles can be a little tricky. With this game children can practice measuring angles easily. A protractor appears on the screen and ramndom angles flash over that protractor. With 4 options, player have to chose the correct one and also mention the type of angle.  

8) Addition Bubble Pop

To play the game user must have quick addition skills. A sum of 2 numbers flashes on the screen and bubbles with many options move up the screen. Tap correct bubbles to pop them before they reach the top of the screen! It helps user develop addition skills.

9) MotionMath: Zoom

Motion Math Zoom’s zoomable, stretchable number line is missing some numbers, and it’s up to your child to put the numbers back where they belong. The game uses concrete objects to represent abstract numbers: from dinosaurs in the thousands down to amoebas in the thousandths. Fun animal animations and sound effects help elementary school children master the number line.

10) Math v/s Zombie

Zombies are attacking your house and only you can stop them… with your math-powered weapons!

24 levels available for addition, subtraction, and multiplication reinforcement. The drawback can be the animated violence, this app is recommended for ages 9 and up.

11) Operation Math

This is another game in which use have to defeat Dr. Odd to earn the latest spy gear in the award-winning game that transforms math drills into a global learning adventure. From the streets of Paris to the pyramids of Egypt, Operation Math includes more than 100 timed missions that help players learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Awards & Recognition for the game:
• Parents' Choice Award Winner
• Best App for Teaching and Learning — American Association of School Librarians

The game is available for Android and iOS.  

Which ones make it to your favorite list?


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