7 Fantastic Websites for Students to Read Thousands of Books For Free

7 Fantastic Websites for Students to Read Thousands of Books For Free

eBooks area a great way to update your knowledge bank.

The ease and portability readers get with access to eBooks is amazing. No worry to maintain and store the hardcopies, all one need is just a smart device to read as many books as desired. The comforts they provide have made them easily available and below is a list of 7 amazing websites where you can easily get eBooks and that too free of cost!

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1) FreeTechBooks.Com

If you are one of those who are completely inclined towards science and technology then you will love this site. You can get all the science related eBooks on this site. Engineering student studying Computer science or Electronics or Telecommunication or any other professional technical courses may find this site of great help as you are bound to refer to quality textbooks and/or lecture notes. And once you get your hands on this site you won’t need to make a quick dash to the library every now and then for any of your study material. All you want will be there on this site. This site lists free online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes, all of which are legally and freely available over the Internet. It can be an eBook or a text/doc/PPT file or a monogram.


2) ReadPrint

Read Print acts as an online social network for readers. With 8,000 titles by famous authors like Jane Austen & Charles Dickens books can be read online as well as user can get biographical information about authors, famous quotations, and a catalog of hundreds of thousands of other popular books. Registration is free and members can create personal bookshelves, add ratings, reviews, recommendations, and join online reading groups that share the same interest as theirs.  There are some 3,500 authors cataloged, with a rich selection of books, poems, plays and short stories. User can keep a track of all the books that they have read and add those to the shelves they want to read. The site has been selected as one of the best 50 sites by The Time Magazine. 

3) Classic Reader

Those who cherish the old school era will love the time. You can invest all of your time on this site checking the most awesome classics by the great authors like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and many others. Users get access to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, drama and classical. By numbers, the site consists of 3861 titles and 360 authors. Users can easily browse the library based on categories, authors or titles or simply search from the search bar. Before getting started, all you have to do is just become a member of this online library.    

4) Bookshare

Bookshare operates in the U.S. under a copyright exemption—the Chafee Amendment—, which grants nonprofit organizations the ability to make books available to people with print disabilities without publisher permission. This online library for people with print disabilities gives access to more than 360,000 people in nearly 50 countries to Bookshare's collection of over 350,000 titles. After signing up, user can easily search from the search bar on the home page or use filters from the advanced search option.

Bookshare allows reader to read books in the following ways: 

- Listen to books with high quality text-to-speech voices.

- Hear and see highlighted words on screen.

- Read with digital braille or enlarged fonts.

- Create physical braille or large print.

- Read directly from your Internet browser.

5) Planet eBooks

If you specifically want classic literature this is the place for you. Here you will get classic novels and books in electronic form which you are free give to your friends, classmates, students, anyone!

Their list of free eBooks includes some hits like the Great Gatsby, Les Miserable, Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina and a lot more. Right now they are offering around 80 books to their readers which all are the best selected books. True, you won’t have the buffet of thousands that you’ll find on other sites, but you can be assured that each and every piece of writing on Planet eBook is of outstanding quality. And also, if you feel like a book is ‘missing’ from their collection, you put it up as a suggestion.

6) Wikibooks

It is a collection of open-content textbooks that anyone can edit by clicking on the edit link that appears near the top of each Wikibooks page. 

Wikibooks is for textbooks, annotated texts, instructional guides, and manuals. These materials can be used in a traditional classroom, an accredited or respected institution, a home-school environment. As a general rule only instructional books are suitable for inclusion. Most types of books, both fiction and non-fiction, are not allowed on Wikibooks, unless they are instructional. The source can be great to get books related to the curriculum subjects. User can easily browse books based on any subject from the main page and also see the featured books that are the best books.  

7) Zing!

On this platform user can get 1000s of free fiction and non fiction free ebooks. The site features thousands of trade book titles that students will want to read, including award winning titles, books and series from well-known authors, Spanish leveled books, and short texts, poems, and articles. Provides great accessibility as it can be used on any of the devices be it desktops, laptops, tablets or even whiteboards. Users can upgrade to personalized learning package to get even more features of Zing. The website is apt for readers from K-8 grade.

Where do you get your free eBook from?

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