Conduct Group Writing Projects with BoomWriter

Conduct Group Writing Projects with BoomWriter

More heads on the projects explodes the amount of creativity. And more the creativity the better things turn out to be!

Writing is one such art where people often lack behind to express. A little help is always good but collaborating and writing together can be the best way to overcome this issue.

One such tool is BoomWriter. This amazing platform provides online collaborative services for the creative minds; generating ideas and help them pen down original stories. The platform not only enables kids to express their ideas but also makes them the author of the stories that they create. This sense of writing something on their own or being a part of a completed book motivates kids to do better. The books written by kids can be accessed online and also can be purchased in the form of hardcopies. It is a great way for kids to take active part in the creative activities. The process is started when teacher puts ideas and start a story and kids take it further with their ideas. How much kids can learn with this great tool depends on the structure that teacher provides to the kids.

The platform features a bookstore where you can get books by schools and writing clubs in the form of hardcopies.

The platform is offering the following sub products:

1) Story Writer

Conducts writing activities as a class that result in a published book!  Students develop their understanding of key literary elements and storytelling devices, and when finished, the class’s story becomes a real, published book with every student’s name listed as an author. This tool is ideal for ELA, creative writing and literature studies.

2) Project Writer

Fosters students’ understanding of key concepts and terms within a subject by dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections. Project Writer enables all types of nonfiction writing–expository, argument/opinion, scientific–and is ideal for use in History/Social Studies, Science or ELA classrooms.

3) Word Writer        

Provides teachers with an interactive, yet simple, application for assessing and enhancing students’ understanding of key terms, figures, phrases, and dates.  Word Writer also features Trending Words, which allows teachers to select from top trending vocabulary used by other BoomWriter teachers with their students and displays the most popular words being taught for that month, in real-time, on a grade-by-grade basis.

4) BoomWriter PRO:

This is the premium model of the tool with advanced features. provide teachers with exclusive tools and additional support to further the BoomWriter experience in their classroom. PRO membership allows teachers instant access to Gradebook. With hands on pro version teachers can use gradebook rubrics and gradebook reports. Teachers who upgrade to pro version get free trial for one month and afterwards the tool is minimally charged.

One of the testimonials by the teachers that tried BoomWriter is, “I really enjoyed hearing my students beg to write. Students were thinking at home but writing in class. They were talking about their stories during recess. My students really gained a lot of writer confidence and their in-class work showed the carry over in their grades. Students who never wrote full stories, began to write and complete their writing. I am delighted with BoomWriter. It is a valuable asset to my classroom.”

This online tool is a loved and appreciated one. Teachers and students from more than 4,000 schools in 60 countries have already joined the BoomWriter community.

 The platform has already received:

-- Innovation Award for 2013.

-- Stood #13 on Top 100 sites of 2011.

-- Cool Tool Award 2013 by EdTech Digest.

Know more about the product from the expert himself on Free Technology For Teachers by Richard Byrne in “Halloween Writing Lessons from BoomWriter

Have you tried BoomWriter yet? Share your experience with us.

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