Teacher Collaboration With Twitter

Teacher Collaboration With Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic resource for teachers to collaborate with other educators and it is enhanced with some other great apps. These apps will ensure you don’t miss any information you want and are able to collaborate effectively with other teachers

 across the globe.

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Create Groups

Teachers log in at different times of day from different time zones. Collaboration may not be easy if you are not online at the same time.

However, tools like Tweetizen enable one to create groups so that like-minded tweeters can discuss a particular topic. Since it allows members of a particular PLN to tune in and check up on what’s been discussed while they were offline, this surely is a great way to team up across time zones!

Maintain Focus

There are a few apps that will help you to keep up with the fast moving pace of Twitter so you won’t miss out on potentially important information. TweetDeck is one such app that can be used from your desktop or mobile device, on Windows or Mac. It streamlines and customizes what you see, enabling you to focus, for example on several different topics throughout the day without missing vital updates.

Real-Time Collaboration

Want to transmit instant screencasts with audio quickly and easily? Use Screenr – an app that allows teachers to enjoy real-time collaboration as they go along. You just click record, capture your screen and voice and share the link! This is brilliant for working on joint projects or concurrently exploring new tools mutually.

Upload and Share

Uploading as many images, archives, documents, videos and audio files as you like and sharing them with other educators has been made easy with another brilliant app called the TweetCube .

Convert Dialog to Tweet

If you have to login to a computer every time you want to tweet, teamwork would not be easy. Dial2Do , an app that converts voice commands into text and tweets has turned tweeting into a conversation, enabling you to keep up with the dialog on the go.
With such great apps, Twitter unquestionably emerges as the best tool an educator can use for collaboration.

How do use Twitter for collaboration? Share your practices with us.

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