Social Science Learning Games & Resources For Kids

Social Science Learning Games & Resources For Kids

Studying social science can get irksome at times, which is why there are a lot of learning games created now to help kids to learn and understand it while keeping the interest alive.

Check out this list of awesome social studies games and resources:

For kids Aged 5 and Under

1. Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars

Take control of whole city full of vehicles and on the way take care of things like putting out fires, loading boxes for work, and helping people. A fun game for the small kids.  

Compatibility: iOS, Android

2. Jumpstart 3D Virtual World

For this game, kids may need help from parents or teachers. An engaging game where kids get to solve Unique interactive educational challenges learn their alphabet, solve mathematical equations, gain knowledge of grammatical concepts, and learn about the world alongside.   

Compatibility: Online Platform

3. Social Studies Games for Kids

This is a bank of games for small kids that will help them understand the basics of subjects while having fun with these interactive games.

Compatibility: Online Platform

For kids aged 6-11

1. Barefoot World Atlas

This app gives children an interactive look at animals, indigenous people, and other topics of interest around the world. By spinning, pinching, and zooming, kids can find something that interests them and learn more about it through descriptions and photos.

Compatibility: iOS

2. One Globe Kids

Very nice “a day in my life” stories that help kids to understand global cultures through audio and videos based stories. These stories give kids understanding of facts and cultures of various countries. Kids can also select story teller’s language and record a few words to add some engagement.    

Compatibility:  iOS

3. News-O-Matic

With five new stories each day, this interactive newspaper helps kids learn new thing every day. Receiver of many awards this app is a must for all to try with the kids.

Compatibility:  iOS

4. Wonderopolis

This is a very interesting site. Each day one question is posted that instill kids with curiosity and makes them look for the answers. The question covers many categories that relate to social sciences.

Compatibility: Online Platform

5. Ansel and Clair: Paul Revere's Ride

With this app kids can learn about the beginning of American Revolution and about Paul Revere. Ansel and Clair are aliens who come to Earth to learn about this historic time. Puzzles and mini-games help kids learn about life in the colonies,

Compatibility: iOS

6. Geo Walk HD - 3D World Fact Book

This works as more of a flashcard information. The app provides information about 500 people, places, plants, and animals. The information is presented in two stylish interfaces in easily digestible but fact-loaded bites.

Compatibility: iOS

7. Britannica Kids: Aztec Empire

With this app kids can have a comprehensive look into the Aztecs and their role in Mexico's history and culture. There is a lot of reading involved and the quizzes and puzzles are fun once user is through with the reading.

Compatibility: iOS

8. Presidents vs. Aliens

This game quizzes players about each U.S. president, including his political party, nickname, a noteworthy event during his presidency, a quote, and various other facts. This can help kids get a grip on their knowledge of US political history.

Compatibility: iOS

9. Stack the Countries

With this app, kids can refine their geography and do wonders. This game teaches and quizzes kids on the countries of the world and their shapes, neighbors, landmarks, capital cities, languages, flags, and other geographical facts. The game supplies world maps and flash cards with country facts that can be studied before playing the game portion of the app. There are different difficulty levels so user can opt accordingly.

Compatibility: iOS

10. The Oregon Trail

This game is about what it was like to be a pioneer traveling west in the 1800s. You join a historic wagon train traveling westward from Missouri to Oregon and make all the decisions during the trip, including when to rest, what route to take, and what supplies to bring. The gameplay shows user the consequences of their choices along with some learning on top.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

For kids aged 12-17

1.Mayan Mysteries

Uncover the details and artifacts of Mayan culture with this story based games. Players read a lot about the Mayan civilization, from its geographical details to its historical significance, and everything in between. Along the way, the game quizzes players about what they have read, and they must answer questions correctly in order to continue.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

2. Google Earth

This is a must see for all. Zoom in to the earth, select layers, and submit eye-level photos. One item unique to the app is a menu of nearby iconic images that you can tap for quick access. But, the app doesn’t offer the same power as the PC version.  

Compatibility: iOS, Android

3. History: Maps of the World

A great app to get a complete knack on history and geography. This app illustrates geopolitical and geographic shift over time in a very interactive manner making the subject interesting for students.

Compatibility: iOS

4. 3D National Parks Lite

Take a three-dimensional journey through the United States National Parks. This 3D presentation of the beauty and natural wonder of America's greatest treasures is great to learn from. 

Compatibility: iOS

5. Atlas for iPad

Atlas for iPad features valuable Information and Maps on over 250 world entities in manner that will keep kids interested throughout.

Compatibility: iOS

6. Constitution for iPad

Senator Sam Ervin pulled one out of his pocket during the Watergate Hearings.. get the complete knack with awesome readings from this app. Not particularly a game but a bank of knowledge on US constitution. A must have for all those who thrive on political science.
Compatibility: iOS

7. Civil War America’s Epic Struggle

CIVIL WAR: AMERICA'S EPIC STRUGGLE features over 1,000 high-resolution photos, more than an hour of multimedia presentations, in excess of 100 authentic maps, dozens of first-hand accounts, and numerous text articles and biographies. 

Compatibility: iOS

Some other platforms that you may want to check:

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Are you aware of any other social studies games that kids and students enjoy? Share with us in the comment section below. 


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