How Benative is Disrupting English Learning Across Universities and Corporates

Online learning is a common practice, free courses that are helping learners are cherry on the top but learning and earning along is uncommonly amazing!

English being the commonly used language to communicate is one of the main reasons for masses to put it on top of their “to-learn” list. Though there are a lot many language learning apps, BeNative is really standing out by not only helping people learn English with their app CashEnglish, a reward based gaming app that helps users learn English with its fun puzzles  and helps build vocabulary.

Claiming to be the first such application to offer cash rewards, the company said over $ 1,000 has been awarded as a prize in the first week of launching the application, with the grand prize winner getting in $500.

The app, which is targeted at professionals, uses puzzle games to help build vocabulary. It also uses video interviews of business leaders to select important phrases and vocabulary that need to be taught.

The beta version of the application is available for download for both Android and iOS users for free.

The game-based approach has been built to attract younger professionals. The app is available in English, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean languages at present.

BeNative CEO Alan Moonsoo Kim, who sold his first company Etoos for $ 30 million, said, “We are seeing a huge push in the industry towards free online services, but we’re looking to take it one step further, where people all over the world will actually get paid to learn.”

The company’s premium service, BeNative Pro, is currently used by over 2000 companies across China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan such as Samsung, LG and IBM for helping employees learn languages such as English and Chinese.

More on CashEnglish:

- This English learning app is a great way to earn real cash rewards and learn English. Users can play games and earn tickets by completing puzzles. Users simply have to swipe the letters in order to complete the puzzle. Letters can be connected vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. In case, you get stuck, use the help “hint” that costs 25 coins.

- The leaderboard option shows the top ranked users who win cash prizes every week. The more tickets you have, the higher you rank! The weekly leaderboard is reset every week. You can also track your Facebook friends over the leaderboard if you’ve logged in with your Facebook account.

- For those who love the power of words, they can select the vocabulary package offered by the app. Tap on the menu icon to open the package selection screen and opt for a vocabulary package of your choice. User can also save all the favorite words and check them later as a directory.

- As you clear the puzzles, you upgrade your level. And leveling up increases the number of tickets you earn for each puzzle.

- Users can withdraw their reward and redeem over $100 USD via bank transfer in various currencies. Amounts less than $100 can be redeemed with gift cards in various currencies.

So try this amazing app and share your experiences with us.

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