Loved Android Apps That Science Teachers Must Know

Android Apps Science Teachers Must Know

Turn your android phone into your personal assistant in your classroom with all these amazing science apps.

Amazing Science Facts

If you are one of those who like to update your students with daily happenings in the field of science then, this is just the right app for you. Learn & teach new science facts on a daily basis. You can even search your favorite topics & share the facts via twitter or your email. Containing thousands of facts, Amazing Science Facts gives you the chance to learn new information about any area of science that interests you. You can receive daily facts wherever you are – the app requires no Wi-Fi, even functioning on airplane mode.  You can search specific topics and share your favorite facts by email, Facebook and Twitter. The sharing feature gives you better ways to reach out to your students.

Brian Cox Wonders Compilation

Get through a 3D universe and discover everything like solar system, galaxies, from anything to everything. The groundbreaking Wonders app for Android brings together Professor Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe books with the award-winning TV series produced by the BBC into a single interactive experience. The content in this app is very highly detailed, featuring many high-resolution textures to produce the real-time 3D scenes. This requires at least 2GB RAM 1.5 GHz on your device.

The Naked Scientists App

This app can be a great thing for your classroom activities. Latest podcasts are delivered to your device. Teachers can also download the audios and videos to show later in the class. If you want you can share things over social media. Get in touch with your students off classroom with questions or feedback option. It covers all concepts relating to medicine, technology, science and engineering.

Touch Surgery

Perform real life surgeries with your students using this app. It enables you to perform variety of operations without needing a person to be performed at. Specifically designed to aid those students moving towards the medical profession. The app guides the performer stepwise and let you learn about human body.

3-D Brain

A free app that lets teachers explain the functioning of human brain in the best way. Detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies and links to modern research. The 3D model is color coded and labeled with the major regions of the brain, and users can discover more about each regions functions, as well as how injury and mental illness can affect the biological structures of the brain. Discover 29 interactive structure of brain with just a touch on your screen. Each structure comes with information on functions, disorders or injuries etc.

Science Bank

Access all the definitions and images regarding Space, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environment, Physics. With this app you not only get your hand on these definitions and galleries even it allows you to add your own links as well. The app is loved among peers.

Bones Human 3D (Anatomy)

This app is perfect for all those teachers who are dealing with the lab skeletons! This app gives all the information you may need about the anatomy of a human skeleton. The models are highly detailed as they are three-dimensional. Detailed information of all the bones is mentioned. The hardware being used must have 1 GB of RAM or more and HD screen for real life experience.   

Other features:

You can manipulate the model, zoom, rotate, and move the camera.

Display the natural pattern or divisions.

Text information can be maximized or minimized to read comfortably prioritize the model.

The bone will change color as you select, so check your limits and what are its forms.

NCERT Learn Science

The app is apt for the students of India as it contains science syllabus of CBSE board for the students of classes 9 & 10. Topic wise notes are given and imported concepts given separately. The app is bundled with attractive images and topics in the form of question-answers for better understanding of students and to prepare them for their exams. The app can be very useful for teachers as well as students as it covers the complete syllabus. The app gets updated with the change in syllabus so this way student can get their hands on the right curriculum.     


SkySafari’s streamlined user interface puts both power and simplicity into your hands - and turns your mobile device into an invaluable tool for exploring the night sky. SkySafari is more than just a star chart - it's a celestial travel guide! This is one of the best and most loved app among the other peers.

Which science app do you like the most? Did I skip your favorite app? Please mention in the comment box below.  

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