Google Steps in the Market for Kids with “YouTube Kids”

Google Steps in the Market for Kids with “YouTube Kids”

Kids love watching videos and web has been catering to this love of thy since long. YouTube is home to all those in search of video content. This one platform has been with us ever since it came out and most of us have spent hours watching everything we’d ever want to.

Talking about kids, YouTube indeed is a great resource but as the platform caters to the needs of adults as well, there is content that is not age appropriate for kids. This thing makes it unsafe for kids as there are chances that kids may encounter information they need not. Parents often have experienced how quickly a small child watching baby animals play can accidentally click on a ‘related’ video that has some extreme, adult-only content. YouTube is often not the best place for unsupervised exploration and to make things better they’ve come out with an amazing solution.   

To make it safe for kids, Google has launched this new app called “YouTube Kids” specifically designed for kids. The app makes it easier for children and parents to find content they are interested in. keeping the little ones in mind; the app is designed to provide a safe and kid friendly environment. The app is great as kids can explore any topics they want to and their elders need not be worried about their encounter with inappropriate content. Parents need to know that YouTube Kids is a kid-targeted portal to YouTube that features curated, ad-supported TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-created content.

YouTube Kids limits the world of content on the service to curated, family-friendly videos, channels, and educational clips, and includes such titles as Thomas the Tank Engine, Reading Rainbow, and National Geographic Kids. To attract the target audiences, the app’s interface features large images, colorful icons and carefully curated launch videos on the main homepage. The app is having four sections—Shows, Music, Learning and Explore—to explore within the app, and it also include features like timer settings and a search function.

The company says search gives users access to YouTube’s main database of videos, but that YouTube Kids’ results are automatically filtered for safe content. The service also gives adults a range of parental controls, including the ability to disable search completely, limit screen time and cap the volume. Google has disabled comments on the service, but it does show some kid-friendly ads.

This child friendly video sharing app is free to download for Android and iOS.

Some quick points that give you the reason to make your kid access this new app are mentioned below:

- To get started, all parents need is the YouTube Kids app and a YouTube Red membership. Then, just sign in to your YouTube Red account from the parental controls section of the YouTube Kids app and follow a few simple steps.

- Parental setup is needed to ensure the best experience possible for your child.

- YouTube Kids contains paid ads in order to offer the app for free. Your child may also see videos with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads.

- You can restrict your child’s experience by turning search off in the set-up flow or by accessing the settings behind the “grown-ups only” lock. This means your child can’t search for content, which reduces the chances that they will encounter a video you don’t want them to watch.

- Parents can Try YouTube Red one month free at:

Check out this video below to get a feel of the app!

To dig deeper, check out this Parental Guide and share your experience and views on the same with us in the comment section below.   

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