It’s 2017, Time to Control What You Learn

The IOT has stormed into the scenario, and well, has made us re-imagine all our imagination.

Controlling your air conditioner while driving back home from work, and sending an unimaginable amount of data -in a flash. We no longer are wired for everything, and our existence is silvered by the Internet of Things.

There still are a few shadows of the grey clouds, where the internet has not changed much the dynamics for all – technology in education in India.

In the next decade, we shall have about 35% of our population in the age group of 25-35, which is the working population. This is the world’s largest available workforce, and yet, the sense of possibility looks bleak, than infinite.

millionlights exists to exploit its’ truest potential, by using newer communication techniques, and reaching the youth who are in the need of improved skills and more importantly newer perspectives. We are a startup, who wants to see us all embrace technology, and embrace the internet for our quest for knowledge.

2017 has been great for us. Yes, it’s been only a few months, but we are moving faster. We are heading to what we wish to be. We take pride in our achievements, and honor in our learning. We wish to connect every person on the dot, and make education accessible, relevant and affordable.

Re-imagine Imagination

Welcome to and ML-TV. The website caters to the online user, who loves his computer, and ML-TV is a boon to the ones who like their couch. The website takes care of learning online, which is via a host of courses, all accredited and with certifications. This comes from a point in time, where thousands of students were asked, how would they like learning if finding a job was not possible post a degree? The answers were all for – skill development from home.

This struck with the team, and we were on course to make of what millionlights is today. We are driven for an idea whose time has come. We are an exclusive partner with Microsoft to showcase their courses on television. It won’t be an overstatement if we said we provide their courses for a meager one-fourth pricing from what other websites may, to make it financially possible for our users. We wish to build a team, where we can all take pride in what we deliver, and of how useful we would want our products to be, rather than just aiming for petty profits at the cost of user dissatisfaction. We are here to build for more, and build something that lasts. Trust us, when we say profits are our last priority :)

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Author: Srishti Poddar

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