How I Improved My Maths While On A Trip

How I Improved My Maths While On A Trip

Calculations are very significant, whether you are in school, high school or at a job.

They are a big part of our regular life from simple tallying to complicate algebraic expressions. Not everyone is wired the same way. Some excel at maths and others barely make it through. What helps though is a good tutor who comprehends your learning stamina and teaches you at your own pace.

I have been at the same place. I was unable to understand swiftly and simple things, which made me believe I was weak at maths. So I never tried to pick it up very well and I would have left it at that unless for my career. As soon as I graduated, I started looking for jobs. And soon I got one, Assistant Project manager. I was very happy to get a good paying job and also a job I could flourish at. But after a month at my job, I realized that I need to improve my maths. Because it looks bad that I grab a calculator for every simple calculation which others do in their head.

I talked to a friend, who is good at maths and givescoaching to high school kids. She stated that it’s easy to be good at maths if I actually want to be! But it will need my devotion and my time.I agreed to it. She laid out a plan.

I was going on a business trip soon and I decided that it was perfect timing to mentor my math skills. Not everyone will agree to this, but I really felt that the level of job, I was at, needed me to be efficient at maths. So the plan took its course on the very first day of my trip,

I had taken the three-week trip to Hawaii. You can say it was never purely a pleasure one,  and more of a business trip. We were meeting a number of investors who were interested in being a part of our project. So by day I did my job, met new people with my boss and by night I gave my time to maths.

The First day was to determine what were the simple calculations I need to get good at. I installed some apps on my MacBook and I started my work. I would do simple calculations and watch a video daily. Practice on that simple video for that whole hour. The next day I would watch another video and use the method I had learned the previous day on a  problem. At times, I was lost at what I was doing. But believe me, these apps are so simple to use. And they give so good explaining while keeping it interesting at the same time,that a person like me never loses their interest.

A week into my routine, I will not say that I became a guru, but I got a gist of calculations and how they could be solved. Yes, I still took a lot of time to solve them, but they became easier for me. And I grew to like them. I practiced in my spare time with just me and my MacBook. And I was loving every moment of it.

I took a day off of my learning just to spend it with myself. This way, not only was I able to learn maths but also enjoy my trip as well. My meetings, at daytime, were going smoothly and I was even able to use my new learned skills every now and then.

My boss looked very impressed with this new improvement and the ways I started to handle these meetings. She appreciated me on my self-grooming. This is where I realized that education has become so globalized that everyone who actually wants to study something,  can benefit from it. There are online forums for people like me who were not good at something and with their little effort they can overcome this shortcoming.

My experience with this little experimentwent so well that I now keep an hour of my time for learning. So far, I have taken online courses for project management, how to managebudgets, how to use social media to market one's skills our business. It gives me a satisfaction that I can learn at my own pace and from the comfort of my home. And I have the benefit to learn anything, whichever suits me. Or which I think is a development that can serve me in myself grooming. I have learned that it is very important to keep up with the evolving technology and education as we make new discoveries and inventions every day. These things help us to make our life easier and faster.

If you are not sure yourself which are the best places to study our which communal will help you the best. You can always join online chat rooms and forums dedicated to this cause. They help a newbie understand the need and demand of learning new skills in one's life and business. And forthe fun fact, they are not all that costly. You just have to be loyal to yourself that you will be giving an hour out of your daily routine to learn something and in no time you will see that transformation yourself! There are some forums that are registered by universities itself that also helps you to get certificated on your completed course which you can add to our resume.

I will recommend everyone to take a part of your life to invest in yourself. We are progressing at a great speed and to keep pace with it, we need to equip our self with latest knowledge and skills.

About the Author
Author: Ashley Smith
She is a professional blogger with interest in trends in education and online learning.

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