[Infographic] 7 Benefits of E Learning

E Learning is the trend for education.

It has benefitted a huge amount of students and has changed the course of education nowadays. Here are a few facts pointed out to display the worth and benefits of E Learning.

  1. Scalable - E Learning is highly scalable. With a small in investment in Digital Learning Platforms, E Learning platforms can be reached out to millions with a blink of an eye.
  2. Capacity and Consistency - All the target audience is delivered the same amount of content ensuring consistency and allowing all learners to receive the same training
  3. High Learning Retention - Blended learning approaches result in higher knowledge retention rate. It also helps refresh and update the existing learning material whenever needed
  4. Time and Money Saving - E Learning reduces time away from the workplace, eliminates the need to travel. Saves huge amount of time and money
  5. Activity and ROI Measurements - Learning Management System is no big deal for well Established Online Coaching Centers. You can easily track your timeline and amend changes accordingly
  6. Reduction of Carbon Footprint - By shifting to digital platforms, need to print out papers has decreased substantially.
  7. Flexible - Freedom to learn at convenience is provided to students pursuing online education. They can also adjust the pace they are learning.


About the Author
Author: Prachi Mittal
Prachi Mittal - CMO - Avanti Learning Centers - Chemical engineer, ICT Mumbai .

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