Technology Can Bring Education to the Masses

Technology Can Bring Education to the Masses

The golden age of ubiquitous education has made its governance over the traditional old way. Technology can bring education to come to the masses. Its role in education should be well understood by educational institutions to be able to adopt it and match 

the pace of technology growth for effective learning and teaching.

Education blended with technology knows no bounds as Time, Place, etc. Today knowledge gaining is not only a wider platform but also evolved to be much economical. Universities like ‘Stanford’ are taking the “MOOC” concept so seriously, that they offer online access to full courses- including classes in computer science and artificial intelligence. Courses include lecture videos, reading lists, handouts, quizzes, tests, and even a social network for fellow online students (promoting the social learning aspect).

Some of the ventures which had been audacious to tie the knots between technology and education and had triumphed:


Chase Jarvis is widely known as an incredibly skilled and self-taught professional photographer. An initial medical field job holder, who later realized his realm in “Art”. As a go-getter, to hone up his abilities and to pep up his work, went in search of educators to properly tutor him. Future had different plans for him! Exhausted of haunting, he decided to serve his own need and to set a clear path for the others like him. And CreativeLIVE was born.

The uniqueness of the site is that, it offers Watch in-depth, live seminars for free in an interactive social platform. Ask the instructor questions, or connect with other course participants, via Twitter. Stay in touch after the seminar and become part of a community of dedicated creative professionals. If you missed a class or want to know more, you can purchase copies of each course at any time. The vision for CreativeLIVE has always been to be able to exist in many places and do many things for many people. Since this is ‘real life’ skill-based learning and not a bloated degree model they have the ability to listen to their audience, which most brick-and-mortar institutions can’t do.
And today CreativeLIVE’s most popular classes have drawn over 150,000 participants at a time. More than one million individuals from over 200 countries have participated in CreativeLIVE’s free online seminars since the company began in 2010, and CreativeLIVE has paid out millions to its instructors.


The idea for this venture is like a candle rising up in the dark room. The exact knowledge to get into the race of earning online reputation, the  “Search Engine Optimization” techniques.
It was founded by Tommy Griffit, SEO Manager for Emerging Markets in PayPal.The initial seeds were sowed in as a live, face-to-face training class held on weekends, for startups in San Francisco. After getting good feedbacks, it was decided to turn it into an online course. The good partnership with AppSumo augments the advantages of this site. ClickMinded, is ranked as the best site to learn “How to improve your site’s ranking?”and is the trusted site to learn SEO techniques at affordable price at your ease.

TNW Academy

Everything has beauty in it, websites aren’t any exceptions. The tag line well elucidates about the site “You don’t need to be a genius to craft a brilliant user experience, you need to be observant”. This site totally exploits all the design aspects of the site and how to embellish the online appearance of the content that gives a feast to the users. It is on the high velocity, providing good returns for learner’s attempt.
Even the contributors to these types of online teaching sites are finding their job lucrative. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both the contributors and the site owners. The former get paid for their contribution and the latter expand their service to the customers/users. More and more online specialists are releasing e-products designed to educate their audience – and reach new audiences – in their areas of expertise. These specialists aren’t just limited to selling these courses on their own websites, either. They are able to submit proposals to online educational hubs that give them exposure to a much wider audience. In fact, as the Teaching--------- Learning -------------Earning opportunities have increased; many of these independent instructors are being recruited by platforms such as AppSumo and Udemy.

Some organizations are providing online courses for free and some do earn profit out of it. Several online education promoters of MOOC like, Coursera, edX, Udacity, Khan Academy and infinite Youtube streams (for education) are on the high sway. They are a conglomerate of different course streams, where the user has to pick up his area of interest. And this trend leads to many mushroom organizations to perpetuate the e-learning platform.

A survey about online education system has the following key findings:
•    Almost 30 percent of all enrollments now are in online courses;
•    Nearly three-quarters of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased demand for online courses and programs
•    More than three-quarters of academic leaders at public institutions report that online is as good as or better than face-to-face instruction
•    Reported year-to-year enrollment changes for fully online programs by discipline show most growing, but with a sizable portion seeing steady enrollments.

According to a report by Ambient Insight, an international integrity-based market research firm the total market for electronic learning products is also predicted to increase over the next year from $16.7 billion to $23.8 billion.

This a divine cue for the educational institutions to embed e-learning techniques as a culture to churn out better results. The classroom teaching always remains the thumb rule of education, but introducing these techno-gimmicks can be a very good supplement in the due course.

After all we need to create a place where Education meets Technology effectively!!!

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