10 Startups That Are Popularizing The Online Education Culture

10 Startups That Are Popularizing The Online Education Culture

Comprehensive and in-depth learning is what parents wish for their kids.

The emphasis is on imparting educational courses that drive all-round academic growth. In India, almost 51% of guardians and parents consider holistic education to be the utmost priority for their little ones. That explains the need for innovative educational aids, learning modules, and advanced curriculum.

Learning and innovation

Education and learning are no longer confined to physical, geographical, and social boundaries. The rapid emergence of e-learning and online training modules has prepared the ground for advanced educational opportunities. No matter where you live, you can easily gain access to the appropriate and effective resources required for mastering a particular disciplines. Online learning portals give you umpteen scope to choose disciplines, engage in holistic learning, and above all, diversify your interests to a considerable extent.

It’s right here that some of the pioneers in the educational sector have come up with exclusive e-learning applications for students, job aspirants, and children. These startups have revolutionized the concept of learning thus establishing an innovative setup in the virtual space.

Get introduced to the discoveries

Irrespective of the subjects, topics, or discipline, the major goal of these startups is to provide comprehensive, all-inclusive, and complete education to students. When it comes to coaching, it becomes imperative to offer modules that engage students and help them get prepared for competitive examinations. With well-built interface and unique learning methodologies, these apps will surely meet their needs. Here’s a quick look at the ten learning platforms ruling the virtual space:

1.            NayiDisha

As the brainchild of Kartik Taneja and Kushal Bhagia, Nayi Disha has revolutionized education across the country since its foundation in 2012. The startup has managed to raise an impressive amount of 2 crores, which undoubtedly presents them as one of the pioneers in pre-school learning. Little ones and toddlers will love to study, as the application amalgamates interactive learning along with engaging play sessions.

2.            EduKart

Those planning to make it big in the management and finance sector, will find the best support from this application. Founded in 2011, this startup was an endeavor by the trio- Mayank Gupta, Ishaan Gupta, and Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Apart from offering internationally acclaimed courses such as M.sc, MCA, MBA, BBA, and B.Com, this startup is also instrumental in providing UG and PG degree courses. With its roots in Delhi, EduKart managed to garner quite a lot of attention by accumulating $1 million as funding from various leading organizations.

3.            Qriyo

Rishabh and Mudit Jain felt the need for creating a platform that promotes all-inclusive education at home. Apart from hardcore academics, this particular platform can help individuals receive training in co-curricular activities, fitness modules, and several other disciplines. With over 300 courses in its kitty and 6000 registered trainers, no wonder Qriyo has spread its wings across 6 major cities in the country.

4.            FHConline

Aspiring CAs will find the best support for themselves. The platform offers CA lectures online.Founded by CA Farooq Haque, who ranks amongst the leading CA gurus in the country, this platform popularizes the video learning module. The presence of downloadable CA video lectures makes the entire experience fulfilling for students. They also provide videos in pendrives which can be viewed by the students at the ease of their home.

5.            Vedantu

As a creative and innovative endeavor of the stalwarts Saurabh Saxena,Anand Prakash, Pulkit Jain, and Vamsi Krishna, Vedantu has been providing effective online coaching to students across the country. From scientific disciplines and commerce subjects to literary topics and social sciences, Vedantu offers targeted coaching for one and all. Since its emergence in 2011, Vedantu has been preparing students of grades 6 to class 12. Their funds are at $5 million, which clearly elucidates their popularity amongst students and parents.

6.            Walnut Knowledge Solutions

Raghav Chakrabarty and Sachin Ravi, the two founders of Walnut Knowledge Solutions found it imperative to promote the quizzing culture across educational institutions. The startup came into being in the year 2011, and since then it has been instrumental in promoting the idea of quizzing, brainstorming, and interactive learning.

7.            CultureAlley

Linguistic intelligibility is a prime concern for numerous people across the globe. There’s no point in struggling to master a language, as that will lead to restricted opportunities and limited professional scope. This thought occurred in the minds of Pranshu Bhandari and Nishant Patni, who extended their support to help students learn various languages. CultureAlley could accumulate approximately $6.15 billion and also introduced grammar and conversational courses.

8.            Sigrid Education

If you are getting ready for JEE and K-12 exams, Sigrid will be the perfect platform to rely on. Aakash Agarwal, Ajit Maheswari, and Atul Kasaundhan are the three pillars of this platform. These bright alumnus of BHU and IIT has revolutionized the way students prepared for competitive examinations. They can resort to engaging and interactive learning through audio-visual means and the platform claims to have 1, 00,000 people on-board. Although the funding amount isn’t disclosed by them, it’s expected to be quite high.

9.            Embibe

Embibe ranks amongst those few education portals that offer special modules for test preparation. It’s a venture by Aditi Awasthi in 2012 and has already managed to accumulate around $4 as the funding amount. The prime objective of the founder as of now is to expand the platform as well as broaden the teacher as well as user base.

10.  WizIQ

The e-learning industry experienced a major boost when WizIQ made its presence felt in the year 2007. As a connecting platform for students, tutors, and aspirants, WizIQ offers integrated and holistic education across the country. It’s an innovative venture by Mr. Harman and supported by ‘Bertelsmann SE & Co’.

Transforming educational modes

Gone are the days when students had to rely on traditional aids and physical institutions for the best education. Irrespective of their location and areas of interest, students, children, enthusiastic learners, and job aspirants can get the perfect support from these portals. With innumerable students embracing the concept of e-learning, these platforms and portals surely have an impressive future ahead.

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