Online Classrooms: Necessities, Misconceptions, Advantages

Technology has not walked into our lives but it runs it.

We use mobile phone alarms to wake up in the morning, read the paper using a tablet, and order our coffee so that the wait time is saved. Our children submit homework and assignment using computers and the internet. Our kids learn rhymes from YouTube and we stay in touch with our loved ones through social media.

Most libraries no offer digital subscriptions and distances don’t stand in the way of your learning. Those who have busy schedules can now study, complete a course, and earn a degree without even setting their foot in a university. This trend of distant education is relatively new and it is a field that gets a lot of attention. These online learning programs are not very different from the conventional classes. All we need is a little detail, slight clarification, and its uses. Once these ambiguities and questions are out of the way, the clouds clear and the sun is shining.

Let us take you to the world of online classrooms. Read on to find out what are the common misconceptions associated with it. Once that is out of the way we can then focus on the things required to join an online classroom. The last part will consist of the advantages shown to us by the millennials. For they are the leaders of the digital world and they lead the way in these online classrooms.


Everything new has to face the music. It has to go through a testing phase and then comes the bombardment of opinions. While they may be right or wrong, one thing is certain, it comes with their share of misconceptions. Here are a few misconceptions about online classrooms.

Selective Suitability

One of the many things that you get to hear about online classrooms is that they are not suited to a variety of topics, subjects or courses. The common opinion is based on the presumption that many courses require physical presence for effective learning. If that was not enough, lackluster on the part of teachers also hits the shelf. You will hear things like the physical absence of students can cause concentration lapse.

The facts state otherwise. In this era of animations and graphics, what cannot be created? We see graphics in motions pictures that are convincing and it is hard to distinguish between reality and animation. These kinds of technologies serve as an assistant and everything can be learned or experience through them.

Credibility questions

There are people that argue that it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the information available on the internet. The trouble lies in separating articles from news and those written for entertainment purposes. They populate information and data which they find hard to verify. It is not surprising given the ever internet expansion.

This is exactly where the online classes are helpful. Students are encouraged to ask questions, do a bit of digging, fact checks most of the stuff and learn in the process. That was the content part, what about the questions regarding the course itself? It’s simple. You can look at the reviews, take trial classes or get to know about them from other instructors. Online classes are actually a lot more authentic. Regular classes are usually organized under the umbrella of an institute but the online classes put the responsibility on the instructor.

Hibernation is a concern

Here comes a dilemma that brings most parents that only saw the internet and smartphones later in their lives. Though these technologies are widely used the opinion of some alienates them as useful and deemed as more harmful or contagious. Parents believe that children spend hours in front of the screens and little to no interaction with humans is the result.

Online classes are an opportunity to socialize as well. This socialization comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, it is between you and your classmates. Secondly, it is related to the course. Thirdly, this is aimed at either completing an assignment or peer review of a test. Socialization is a skill that you are learning in addition to your original aim.

Easy and not worthy

The absence of a teacher, no classmates to compare yourself to, questionable sources and quality. We have been through all of them. All of those misconceptions pointed towards one thing, online courses are easy, not worthy of your time, and will not help you. Those misconceptions were addressed and the opinions changed.

Instructors trying to give their best, competition is serious when you know about peer reviewing, and finally when you are working and investing your leisure time to learn or acquire a skill. What does it make an online class? Anything but easy and not worthy of your attention.


Now that the misconceptions are out of the way and you have a better understanding of the classes, let’s move on. You may now be considering taking a course online. Maybe you are ready to encourage a friend to join an online class to brush up their skills

A reliable internet

It all starts with an internet connection. You access the web using the internet. You search the required course, register for it, and join the class. A spotty or unreliable internet can be frustrating and a stumbling block in your learning. You need a connection that lets you surf, stream and download everything related to your online class. You will need a connection with minimum speeds of 50 Mbps. Take att uverse internet, for example, who offers speeds ranging up to 1000 Mbps or a lower speed such as 50 Mbps which meets the requirements for online classroom.

The right attitude

An online class gives you a lot of space and flexibility. It is ideal for those who are working and find it hard to match fixed schedules. You can take your class at your convenience. Since there is little to no direct supervision of an instructor, you may lose focus and indulge in other activities. The lesson becomes background noise and you can be doing laundry or chores.

The trick is to take it seriously and focus. It will teach to stay away from distractions and help you learn. The absence of a real instructor can be a blessing if you keep yourself in check and take responsibility. It is after all in your benefit to finish the course with abundant knowledge.

Active participation

Online classes often require you to interact with your peers. It can be for discussions or reviewing assignments. It is an ideal situation, you get to meet new people, get to know them, learn from them, and see how things can be learned in a different way.

Your participation in these activities will bring the class to life. You can, of course, skip the process but what good would that do. You slack here and the next thing you know you are not interested in taking the class. You wasted time, money and effort. Keep yourself focussed and go with the right attitude.


Be attentive, apply yourself, work hard and acquire the skills that got you attending the online class. The journey should not end here. It should only be the beginning. You need to keep the lessons and knowledge and put them to the test. All the effort goes to waste if you forget what you’ve learned.

Practical application will work for you in multiple ways. Its application helps you retain the lessons you learned. The application tells you how effective the instructor was and in case you were not able to get the correct idea, you stand corrected. This correction in itself will be another lesson and you will move on the right path as a better-learned person.


We have cleared some of the misconceptions, we know what you need to make most of an online class. It is now time that we see what benefits it brings to the table.

Saves money

Your regular courses or classes require an instructor every time there’s a lecture. Repeat this after each completed session and you have to bear the cost all over again. That’s the instructor. The facility and transportation are additional costs as well. On top of that, you will have to meet the schedule and make a lot of adjustments to your routine.

Online classes require two costs. The course fee and stable internet. The instructor records the lecture and posts it in case you missed it or want to go through to again. A small room is sufficient as there is no one else to accommodate and you are joining the class on your own schedule. The low cost of online classes brings you savings on your money.

Easy to track progress

Technology has put everything on the fast track. Not only that, but it has also made everything a lot more efficient. This is true for online cases as well. While your regular classroom tests are taken on sheets of paper which then require manual evaluation, online classrooms use Learning Management Systems or LMS. They help evaluate your tests and get you your results faster.


The best about online classes is their flexible timings. You can be at work, attend a late meeting, go for dinner, and come back at whatever time and still take your class. If you did not get any time during the week, weekends is where you can catch up with the remainder of the class. The video recordings and e-resources make it easier to complete your aims. You can be working full time and still be able to complete the course, degree or a diploma. This is the sort of flexibility you get with an online class.

Failing is not a fear

Frankly, working all day or during the week can requires a lot of effort. There are some days when you find it difficult to concentrate. With a number of things roaming in your mind, you can sometimes skip an important point. Maybe you were unable to perform in a test.

If it were a regular class you would be petrified to hear this in front of your classmates. An online classroom relieves that fear and you have one less thing to worry about. You give your best and if by any chance the outcome is favorable, you have no one to face. Embrace this power and give it your best shot!


Every invention, discovery, and innovation has to go through a doubtful phase. The tests and trials end and then the verdict comes out. Some find it good and others experience otherwise. Online classes have been through the same cycle. Most of the people look for reviews and end up falling prey for misconceptions. They come from people who have little to no experience with them and speak what they heard from somewhere else. Once they are out of the way a look into what is required comes next. A good internet, the right attitude, and the outcome is good. To make sure that no stone is left unturned, advantages need to be looked at as well.

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