8 Brain Training Websites & Games to Level up Students Attention

8 Brain Training Websites & Games to Level up Students Attention

Brain training games consists of a whole range of tests and exercises which is aimed to stimulate the cognitive functions of individuals, students being no exception.

The reason why these games hold importance for students more than ever is because students in the 21st century do not have the same attention span as students did few years back.

Games of any kind have the power to motivate students and fill them with energy. Say, the use of video games in education was a matter of huge debate some time before. However, academicians from worldwide have taken under consideration various studies to ascertain the educational benefits of using video games as an educational tool. One of the greatest benefits of video games is that, it allows students to challenge their imagination and develop necessary life skills such as cooperation with others and understand new concepts. Few other benefits being-

1. Games offer a challenging learning environment

2. The knowledge and skills learnt through game playing are more suited to the 21st century than what has been traditionally taught in schools; and

3. Games offer opportunities for social and collaborative practices to emerge around them.

Therefore, think it for yourself, isn’t it more logical to consider including brain training websites and Apps in your pedagogy if you wish to teach your students the necessary 21st Century skills in an amusing way.

Exciting Brain training website, Apps to Include in Your Teaching Repository

Brain training resources help to improve the memory, response time and logical skills, giving the mind a workout it requires. Let’s thus explore the top websites and games which will keep students brain sharp and improve their mental fitness one by one.

1. Sudoku

A highly logic based, combinational number placement puzzle, this game surely tops the list. It will help students sharpen their both their memory and logical ability side by side. With a number of websites offering free Sudoku now, one can play this game online as well and not just on paper. Just like crosswords, Sudoku is available at varying degrees of difficulty.

2. Lumosity

Lumosity is yet another highly developed brain training and mental fitness website to consider. One can sign for free account which offers three games per day- or choose the subscription services.

The reason why this tool is super cool for the students is because, by playing this game; students find themselves challenging their brain and getting better at scores along the way. Most importantly, these are fun brain training and mental fitness games, tests and activities backed by science.

3. Happy Neuron

It is a scientifically designed brain training solution that helps students to stimulate their cognitive functions. The website contains various kinds of games and activities that can be divided into five critical brain areas: memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial. Like Lumosity, it personalizes the training to fit the needs of the students, tracks their progress and the games are based on scientific research.

Using the website does come with a monthly subscription fee. However, for the first try, the benefit of free trail can be utilized by students.

4. Brain Age 2 for Nintendo DS

This brain game contains a number of games that help hone students concentration, memory, calculation and other brain skills. This resource is a worth try out game as it has everything in it, say from fun to portability to challenges that level up the brain functions.

5. My Brain Trainer

This brain trainer website contains a series of exercises or games to improve memory, increase information processing, sharpen visual discrimination and improve mental fitness. The tool can be regarded as an online brain gym and it is similar in format to Lumosity and Happy Neuron.

For the best effect, the website recommends 10 minutes of brain training twice a day. It also has a basic training program that claims to improve the mental speed.

6. Braingle

It has over 15,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and mind puzzles. In order to give the brain a super workout, one can even create their own puzzle in this super exciting game.

7. Queendom

Queendom is a completely addictive and free website that has thousands of personality tests and surveys. This tool also has an extensive collection of “brain tools”- including mind-stretches, trivia quizzes and aptitude tests- for the students to exercise and test their brain.

8. Brain Metrix

This education website also contains a number of brain fitness programs that has in it both fun and stimulating power to charge up the brain muscles. Through this tool students can train as well as test memory or their reflexes and sharpen creativity levels by working on the shortcomings.

Did you find the information on the tools useful? Did we miss out any other super cool tool which is your personal favourite?

Please drop a comment mentioning the name of the tool and what feature of the web resource excites your students the most. Before we finally wind off this piece, we would like to request you to make use of the list of tools mentioned above and recommend your colleagues as well to make use of the tools.

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