5 Reasons Why E-Learning is a Miracle for Students Preparing for Competitive Exams

5 Reasons Why E-Learning is a Miracle for Students Preparing for Competitive Exams

The education sector has strongly been influenced by the upsurge in the use of technology.

It has totally changed the way students learn today and how teachers teach. The education technology which has brought a revolution in learning is a powerful tool to educate, enlighten, liberate and illuminate students.

In this post, we will discover the top 5 reasons why e-learning has proved to be a miracle for students preparing for nation-wide competitive examinations. Let’s quickly get started:

1. It has bestowed everyone with the idea of flexibility

The concept of studying anytime anywhere seems to fascinate a lot of students in today’s digital generation. The reason is simple! Aspirants can not only give priority to study but other commitments (work, extra-curricular, family, games, etc) as well.

All they need to have is a smart device (laptop, mobile, tablet, PCs) and uninterrupted internet. Earlier in traditional methods, it was mandatory to stick to the schedule that ran around the long & never-ending coaching class hours. It often leads to pressure and frustration among many candidates. This ideology has completely transformed with the advent of e-learning. A student today can get up whenever he wants and study wherever he wants! They can now enjoy learning without giving up on other important quotidian tasks.

2. Independent learners in the making!

The advent of e-learning has made students independent learners. How? It encourages and inspires them to study on their own. With quality content available on the web and a plethora of choices to choose from, students are making their own decisions as per their requirement and convenience. Rather than spoon-feeding them, online learning with innovative digital tools has always laid emphasis on making complex things easier and understandable in order to improve the quality of education. With e-learning in competitive examinations, students are learning things at their pace and in an efficient way. It is now possible to assimilate and become proficient in the subjects a student would like to study.

3. Cost-effective learning is now possible

Seeing the economic conditions and financial status of students in India, it is difficult for many to pay the humongous fees asked by the coaching institutes. On the head of tuition fees, parents ought to look after the traveling and accommodation charges as well. Paying this massive amount is beyond a common man’s reach which certainly results in the death of their child’s dreams. Moreover, even if parents manage to pay the fees, the financial burden doesn’t let students fully concentrate on their studies.

To their rescue has come the era of online learning where it is now possible to sit at your home and learn an on-going class in Kota or Jaipur. The world-class learning experience is available at your fingertips. Irrespective of the demographics or geographical location, anyone can study the courses which are available at nominal prices. By just paying a few bucks, aspirants can gain access to lectures by renowned & competent teachers. What can be more fruitful than this?

4. Getting one-to-one attention from faculty is no more a dream

Every student demands attention while studying because every student has his own skill and speed of grasping knowledge. Proper guidance is mandatory throughout the preparation of examinations. At coaching institutes, normally each batch comprises of around 100-120 students and one teacher is assigned to each batch.

Due to time constraints and pressure to complete syllabus, it is nearly impossible to give individual attention. The lecture needs to be delivered in a short span of time and hence, it becomes unmanageable for the faculty to cater to all the questions in a limited time. Moreover, many students are hesitant in asking questions in front of fellow peers. E-learning resolved this major drawback by making sure there is a platform that lets students get individual attention along with complete guidance.

Special doubt clinic forums and live sessions are now conducted so that doubts and queries are cleared timely.  

5. Inculcates confidence & helps conceptualize subjects

Concepts can’t be built in hours. A deep understanding of the topic supported by numerous examples and real-life situations helps to clarify & get the concept right. Students have understood that rote learning might get them good marks primarily but the practice is not taking them too far in the long run. To make sure students are well-versed with a topic and learning is fun, teachers and professors are exploring new teaching ideas and styles. Students are getting rid of the monotonous ways and slowly enjoying study-related videos. Once a student formulates the final concept and practices questions pertaining to it, s/he automatically becomes confident.

Final Verdict:

e-Learning is convenient, cost-friendly and lends the freedom of choice enriching the overall learning experience of students who are looking forward to appearing in competitive examinations. This mode of learning is allowing them to acquire thousand of skills making them better professionals and learned individuals. They are also procuring management skills along with becoming self-disciplined as they learn to manage time in a productive manner. 

It is a harsh reality that the competition is no easy to face in today's' time. Lakhs of students are competing for a mere few thousands of seats! The preparation can be exhausting requiring relentless efforts. Students need to have strong willpower & determination if they are certain in achieving their goals. E-learning coaching is fun, engaging and has helped thousands turn their dreams to ace various competitive examinations (JEE, NEET, CBSE, IAS, etc.) into a reality. If you want to be the next, quickly enroll yourself with India's best online coaching

What is your take on e-learning in the coaching sector, do tell us your comments in the below section.

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