How Students Adapt to Online Learning

Online learning and online education is picking up across the globe in various ways. But with the reckless changes in institutionalized learning, reservations and lack of seats at most reputed universities, online courses is fast turning into a plausible

 option for students.

However, a pertinent study has revealed that despite online learning being a viable alternative, many students find it difficult adjusting with this new mode, after having internalised years of face to face teaching, resulting in a relatively lower success rate.

In this study conducted by Columbia University's Community College Resource Center, out of the total course enrolments, a mere 10% were the ones who opted for it online. Moreover, the study, which compiled data across racial and gender divides showed that students performed poorly in online courses as compared to their performance in face to face courses. At the same time, one can not ignore the fact that the study has revealed that older students have a higher probability of completing their online course as compared to their younger counterparts.

Educators from all over the world are working on strategies to make an online course better to decrease the attrition rate. A study such as this, gives an insight into how online courses are lagging behind in comparison to the usual teaching process should be taken as constructive criticism. Moreover, concentrated efforts should be applied to identify the areas of weakness. Some steps which colleges can incorporate at their level include:

  1. Screen online course applicants before allowing them to take the course.
  2. Teach online learning skills in online courses that less adaptable students tend to take.
  3. Improve the quality of all online courses to make sure that the performance is at par with students of day to day learning.

It is essential that such measures are incorporated at the earliest in order to encourage students to opt for online courses. Also, this would prevent students from developing an inferiority complex from the students who've been trained by face to face learning.

Check out this great infographic by showing how students adapt to online learning, which courses they take, how well they perform and what colleges can do for its betterment.


How Students Adapt To Online Learning Infographic

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