[Infographic] How Blended Learning Can Improve Teaching

[Infographic] How Blended Learning Can Improve Teaching

Blended learning environments can create more and better opportunities for teacher collaboration, enable differentiated staffing and boost meaningful professional development opportunities.When blended learning tears down the walls of a traditional 

classroom, teachers have more opportunities to collaborate with one another and to put their individual talents to work in differentiated staffing models.

Teaching in online and blended environments necessitates the development of new skillsets. Time saved from the thoughtful implementation of technology can be reinvested working with students, collaborating with other teachers and developing the new roles.

Check out this beautiful infographic by Digital Learning Now which shows how blended learning benefits the teachers, and how it has redefined the teacher roles and improved opportunities.

Blended Learning is not about replacing teachers with technology. It can be a powerful enabler for reimagining the teaching profession and empowering educators to pursue new career pathways under improved conditions.

Blended Learning Improves Teaching Infographic

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