Renaissance Learning Offers 1-Month Free Trial of its Digital Library ‘myON Reader’ to All Indian Schools

Renaissance Learning, a leading name in personalized K-12 learning and assessment, has announced a free one-month trial of its personalized digital library - myON Reader - for all Indian schools to help students make the most of their time during the coronavirus crisis.

As COVID-19 spreads and creates havoc globally, the lockdown is likely to continue in India resulting in schools remaining closed. As a concerned institution and educator, you should help your students make the most of their time during the lockdown by providing essential learning tools and resources.

myON Reader provides just the right thing for every student. It is a student-centred, personalized literacy environment that gives students unlimited access to more than 6,000 high-quality digital books with built-in scaffolds to support readers at every level.

It provides students with titles that match their interests, grade, and reading level, combined with a suit of close-reading tools and embedded supports to help deepen their reading engagement and unlock even greater reading growth. From robust scaffolds that help students build reading and writing skills to customizable assignments and reports for helping teachers nurture and monitor student progress, myON Reader helps supercharge reading growth for every learner.




Building reading, writing, and speaking skills is paramount to any student’s career as well as personal life. Proficiency in a language like English gives innumerable advantages over others in the career front, especially when it comes to job applications and promotions. Comprehension skills need to be built from the primary level. However, Indian education system still fails in building these important life skills at the right time.

According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2016, a study that measures the overall learning level among Indian school students, only 32% of the children in class III (rural areas) could read simple English words, and only one out of every four students in class V could read an English sentence. This is appalling!

Most Indian schools and institutions still cannot help their students with adequate tools and resources. Even the private schools are not equipped to check the English proficiency of their students. That’s where platforms like myON Reader come to the rescue, providing access to thousands of reading materials to the learners. It relies on the principle that increasing student access to reading materials increases their reading engagement and, in turn, reading growth.

myON combines modernity with the efficacy of traditional teaching. Some readers like text, some like lectures. That’s why it’s essential that your students get the full spectrum of the learning experience. myON has thousands of books to read through, audio books and recordings to facilitate auditory learning, and to wrap up the learning from these sources, writing practice through teacher projects.

Students can take advantage of the following features of the myON Reader digital library:




  1. It’s Diverse – Students can enjoy a wide array of genres and authors, from silly animal adventures to enlightening informational texts, in English and in Spanish.
  2. It’s Personalised– Reading recommendations are dynamically matched to each student’s grade, reading level, and interests to help them find their next great read.
  3. Unlimited Access – All students can read the same title simultaneously! They can get unlimited book access, available 24/7, at school and home, online and offline!
  4. It’s Interactive – Close-reading tools, professionally recorded audio, and a built-in dictionary help deepen student engagement and unlock even greater reading growth.

myON Reader’s comprehensive approach to personalised literacy also includes all the tools educators need to guide and enrich their students’ reading, to monitor, and celebrate their growth at every step. It provides robust resources for educators to easily assign projects, create custom assignments that include books, graphic organisers, writing activities, quick assessments, and more. myON reports give teachers rich insights into student activity at the individual and class levels to keep literacy going strong.




Although myON Reader is not a free tool, it is up for a one-month free trial to all Indian schools to help students during this COVID-19 crisis. myON Reader’s content delights every reader and educator! So why don’t you grab the opportunity and get the most out of it?

Non-school users (individual users: parents/students), please visit myON website or reach out to them over email: india[at]

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