myON – More Than Just a Digital Library for Schools

myON – Digital Library for Schools

Key reading research has found that greatest literacy growth is achieved with better access to books and an increase in time spent reading them.

More importantly, though, “just-right” reading material plays the paramount role. Renaissance’s personalised digital library “myON Reader” is providing these literacy essentials globally for years now. myON helps students engage with high-quality reading practices that have proven to fuel literacy growth – both, inside and outside of school.

myON gives students unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital texts with built-in scaffolds to support readers at every level.

But myON is more than just a digital library for schools. Where libraries often provide just books and reading material, myON opens the doors of curiosity with a vast collection of fiction, non-fiction, and news with simple to use learning tools for optimum engagement and learning. myON’s unique approach to tackle literacy growth helps students build reading and writing skills, improve focus, creativity, empathy, ability to think, nurture problem-solving skills, all the while promoting participation, collaboration, engagement, and social awareness myON also provides tools and resources educators need to guide, enrich students’ reading to monitor and celebrate their progress at every step.

myON helps students and schools enhance reading through:

  • Motivation - Access to the right content is key to boosting student motivation for reading. myON personalises reading recommendations for students based on their grade, interests, and reading level. It provides robust tools for dynamic adaptation to students’ reading levels as they progress.
  • Skilling – myON isn’t just for reading. It allows students to interact with each text to accelerate literacy skill development through appropriate engagement. myON’s professionally recorded audio library, integrated close-reading and writing tools & a built-in dictionary ensure students have help at hand at every turn of their learning.
  • Enrichment – myON has both, literary non-fiction and informational texts. It incorporates readings from across verticals ensuring students don’t miss a thing. myON also allows teachers to search reading material by state standards or subjects to find the right books, and then create projects that enrich the core curriculum.
  • Customisation –Students can read the classics or look for STEM books or news articles. Schools and districts can add new collections to their myON subscription anytime to give more reading choices to their students.
  • Insights – It allows teachers to view reading habits at the individual or class level, and school and district leaders to monitor overall reading trends. Customisable assignments and reports provide essential information about each student. Teachers can track progress on reading materials, total minutes spent reading inside and outside of school, and more.

Online Library for Students


How myON works

Choose – Students can pick from personal recommendations, browse by topic or genre, or search by term. myON provides unlimited access to thousands of exciting titles based on an individual’s reading levels.

Read – Students can mark-up pages, highlight words, listen to audio versions, and interact with the enhanced digital books while they read on any digital device, online or offline.

Quiz – At the end of each book/reading, students can take a short quiz to check their comprehension, they can rate the book, write a review, and then find their next fascinating reading recommendation.

Analyse – Twelve real-time reports capture student engagement and growth, providing actionable data that helps teachers ensure that each student has the support they need to succeed.

Tools myON uses to help students and educators strengthen reading practice

Lexile – myON’s embedded Lexile assessments quickly measure students’ individual reading levels to match them with books at the ‘just-right’ level of challenge to accelerate reading growth. This helps teachers track and know if students are reading at, above, or below their recommended Lexile range.

Star Reading – Star Reading transforms assessment data into action steps for educators, giving teachers helpful insights and tools to strengthen classroom instruction. It helps teachers get a complete view of students’ progress at the grade, school or district level, including achievement and growth measures.

Accelerated Reader – It allows teachers to motivate, monitor, and manage all students’ independent reading practice and watch them develop a true love for reading. Accelerated Reader recognises students’ achievements while helping students discover new interests to create a culture of reading through artful choice.

When a student finds that “just-right” read, magic happens and a love for reading is born. Rich metrics provide teachers with the insights to transform that magic into amazing growth while making their job easier, letting them focus on a more organic interaction with their students. myON Reader is a terrific tool that facilitates all that with unlimited access, curriculum support, and deep data insights.

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