Digital Education During and Post COVID

Digital Education During and Post COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the academic world so much that it has created a new normal for all stakeholders – seamless education anytime, anywhere.

The lockdown has made (forced in some cases) schools and universities take their chain of institutions online to continue education. This is not just a lockdown trend, but the birth of future education.

Everything is online: course accessibility, educational resources, student/teacher performance tracking, attendance, assignments, grading, peer-to-peer collaboration. Our digital presence is the new normal in the education world and in-person activities have become a thing of the past now.

Knowing this, the question that arises for institution leaders across the globe is - Can you run your institution without a Learning Management System (LMS) during and post COVID?

In my opinion, it’s difficult or almost impossible to imagine today’s education without a quality LMS. The educational institutions need to migrate to fully online systems in a matter of days and require it to run on a safe, secure, and scalable cloud keeping in mind data security.

Their need is for a robust and reliable platform so that there is no worry about scalability, updates, patches, maintenance and other cloud costs.

A solid LMS will enable institutions to take education directly to homes, help teachers and students to collaborate on day-to-day activities and support with features to make teaching engaging and productive. It must be intuitive and easy to use for students to make their learning interactive, effective and at the same time for administrators to monitor easily and in an organized manner.

To this cause, startups like this Hyderabad based startup - Byndr have come forward and offered its premium Social Learning Platform for institutions – Byndr Enterprise – for free to Indian higher education institutions to help them continue teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis (request details about the enterprise version).

Platforms like Byndr take all offline institutional tasks online without a hiccup. It allows:

  • Management to take courses, schedules, circulars, parent/student communication, and student/teacher performance tracking, etc.*
  • Teachers to provide study material, mark attendance, create lessons, assign tasks, grade students, and track performance for better learning outcomes.
  • Enables students to access course material, get their doubts clarified, take assessments and monitor their progress, create study groups, share notes, exchange ideas within the group.
  • Simpler collaboration through one-on-one discussions between teachers-students, students-students, and teachers-teachers.
  • Posting course-activities, shared materials, announcements, polls and quizzes to enable stakeholders to keep up with the latest activities, quickly access and execute decisions on all the happenings of their institution with real-time notifications and implementation.

*available in Byndr Enterprise only

Byndr connects every student with the best educational resources available on the platform for continuous learning. It provides easy-to-use, fast, and mobile-first platform that benefits higher education stakeholders.

Since it is designed with an emphasis on connectivity and mobile user experience to ensure every user has access to educational resources at any time, with any device it is becoming a go-to platform for educational institutions. Click here to learn more about Byndr or to request a demo for your institution.

Byndr - Best learning Management System Software


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