Transitioning to Virtual Classroom - Security Concerns & Some Answers

COVID-19 has triggered a revolution in virtual learning. Learners, across schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes, and also corporate (for their internal training), are being engaged online to minimize disruption to learning. 

A paradigm shift in the way learning is delivered has happened resulting in the ‘New Normal’ where, in most scenarios virtual education has become the only alternative.

This tectonic shift has made educators evaluate web collaboration solutions and create a transition roadmap. With choices galore there are many concerns that have also surfaced.

Lots of areas need to be addressed e.g. laptops/mobile devices, internet availability, teacher capability to manage technology enabled delivery, digital content availability for self-learning, evolution of new pedagogy of blended learning etc.

To top it all --   addressing online classroom security is the most important consideration.

Which involves solving for major pain points like:

  • How to prevent unauthorized attendees?
  • How to ensure that teacher is in control of the screen?
  • How to communicate the time-table of classes?
  • Can assignments be given to students?
  • Is it possible to conduct tests? If so, how?
  • Recording of sessions?
  • Live streaming with least amount of buffering
  • Can all this be integrated into one solution?

While many web conferencing solutions (like Zoom, Webex, Skype, Meet, etc) offer the basic platform for video interaction, ensuring heightened security of this virtual classroom environment might require a different approach.

In this scenario, invoking Virtual Classroom via an integrated and future-ready platform could be the answer that tick marks many checkboxes. And interactive learning platforms like Tribyte Learning Management System with applications including live training, provides same learning experience across devices with or without connectivity on all types of learning material. It not only tick marks all the checkboxes, but provides a multi-level encryption & security

Here are some features that enhance the security & usability of the Tribyte platform.

  • Authenticated Logins: Two-layer login security for sessions is available. A pre-approved login id, and a password is necessary to ‘Join’ a session
  • No Meeting ID: Once a user has logged in, all that is visible is the ‘Join’ button. No Id is known to the participant
  • SDK integration: SDK integration (with Zoom) removes the necessity to download the (Zoom)App in order to participate or conduct online sessions. This is applicable for both the Browser, Tablet and Mobile
  • Waiting Room: Students can join the session, only if the faculty permits entry to the main session
  • Meeting Room Controls: Full control is available in the admin console to configure selective access.

In addition to the above, Tribyte LMS offers add-ons, such as:.

  • Storage for unlimited time: Sessions are recorded & stored for access forever. The recordings are also transcoded for adaptive streaming for varied internet bandwidths. Thus, creating a reference library of content which is especially useful for online teaching use cases.
  • Calendar view: The session schedule for a particular user is visible only the concerned user & is not public. Thus making it personalized.
  • Auto reminder: A value added feature that sends session reminder notifications on SMS & Email to participants.

These Security and Add-on features along with customizable workflows make this platform a solution of relevance for all key participants in the Education space  - schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes for test prep, skill development institutes etc.

This the right time, like no other, to evaluate the digital learning transformation needs & adopt a platform that can help you conduct virtual sessions in a secure environment & also offer features that map with your workflows.

Adapt to the New Normal … Seamlessly …Securely.

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