[Infographic] Technology for Home Learning - Concerns & Ideas

The sudden shift into distance learning has been difficult on many students, contributing to their struggles in core content studies.

For subjects like science, students are missing out on live experimentation. However, smart tech has creative solutions for exploring science while remaining educational. For example, the Globe Observer app can be used for students to track observations of clouds, land cover, and tree measurements. Similarly, students can use Google Sky which lets you explore the solar system without a telescope.

At least 90% of students on the planet are learning from home due to COVID-19. 76% of students feel in lower spirits than before the pandemic, and 66% of teachers feel the same. On top of that, students are having trouble concentrating. More than 8 in 10 parents report struggles keeping their children engaged. While it's important to understand that a sudden transition into remote schooling is uneasy, students can still thrive and learn when parents work together to create a more comfortable learning environment.

However, technology can be as detrimental to attracting your student's focus that it can be beneficial. It's important to only use technology that is essential for the students' educational growth. As for all other technology, turn them off. In an educational environment, they are distractions. A 2015 study found that cell phone notifications interfered with attention and productivity - even when participants didn't engage with their device. Saying this, don't only silence your devices, but turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode and disable vibrations. Vibrations can be as distracting as sounds. Furthermore, limit your screen time.

The Coronavirus may have changed education for good. However, technology will fill the gap in engaging techniques for keeping students engaged. Saying this, the future of education will only continue to grow more interesting.


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