8 Great Resources About Game Based Learning

In recent years, Games have long been an effective way to engage kids. Game-based learning has received increased attention as a way to motivate students and engage them with the material. Every student love to play games and it’s a best way for teachers

to include educational games in class. It will give a real life learning experience to students. It you teach with words, they will listen and try to know the concept; if you teach with video, they will watch the concept and understand: and if you teach with games, they will understand and involve.

So, this is how a game based learning help. Now days many educators, developers, administrators and parents are willing to engage the students with latest technology, because they’ve realized the importance of digital learning. Even the FBI recognizes and uses video games as valuable learning tools. If you are enthusiastic about implementing game based learning to your students, Have a look on the blogs and resources provided here.

Serious Games Market:

Serious Games are now successfully being developed and deployed all over the world and for a variety of applications. Many organizations like schools, colleges, universities, and corporate offices are trying to serious games which are related to learning content. SERIOUS GAMES MARKET blog will be digging up the best of Serious Games promising market. This blog will let you know the variety of games used for several applications. In this blog, you can find numerous articles about various games and what improvements you get by playing them is magnificently explained. Take a look on that.

Educational Game Research:

Educational Games Research Blog discusses topics related to academic research and media commentary concerning the use of video games in K-20 settings. John Rice is the main author of this blog; he presented conferences like AECT, AERA and many. He has written many articles like Journal of Education Multimedia & Hypermedia, Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Library Review and Tech Edge. You can find all these articles, books, conferences, online papers and many more related to Educational Games. Visit and Enjoy.

Totem Learning:

Totem Learning is a world-leading provider of immersive learning simulations and ‘Serious Games’ for organizational learning and development, business education and marketing communications. It’s one of the most comprehensive blogs on Game Based Learning. It will let you know how so many writers and experts think on a concept. It will also give you the detailed view about different gaming technologies and will deliver those things at an affordable cost. Visit Totem Learning.

GALA Blog:

GALA stands for Games And Learning Alliance, It will guide you to the best ways of Game Based Learning. This blog contains the information about mini games, serious games, 3-D games and many varieties of applications that are related to learning content. Visiting this blog will let you know the new gaming technologies and updates by many representatives and gaming companies. Take a look on this GALA blog.

The Official World Education Games Blog:

The Official World Education Games partners with UNICEF, it connects organizations all over the world. Very effective, interactive and highly efficient examples of Game Based Learning, You will all get to know. Schools are now competing among selves worldwide even if they have lot of distance among them. Students are receiving presentations for their exceptional performance. All the credits go to “The Official World Education Games Blog”.

Gamasutra Blog:

It’s a best resource for game developers as well as administrators who can interact with Game Based Learned platform. It’s updating information regarding most recent games that are used for several functioning like Health, Corporate, Education and general skills. Interactive serious 3D games, Effective educational gaming resources and many more are available on single click. Visit and enjoy Gamasutra.

The UK Schools Blog:

This is Microsoft’s UK Education team’s blog; this team illustrates how their technology will make students engaging with effective educational tools. This blog covers a range of subjects, the majority of which are Microsoft-centric. The main intended audience for the blog is people working in UK schools with a role focused on technology in education - typically a school network manager, or a senior leader who have got the ICT 'bug'. The team gathers information across Microsoft, and especially from across the education team in the UK and abroad, and then pulls out the bits that will interest UK schools. So it is not trying to be a news feed on everything to do with Microsoft and Education, although it's popularity in other countries around the world seems to push it in that direction.

Future of Game Based Learning:

Future of Game Based Learning aims to discuss the area of game-based learning that have a long history but sometimes seems to be moving sideways rather than forward. Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, the person behind this blog was the founder of Serious Games Interactive. This blog is all about the Future of Game Based Learning. Educators, Administrators, Game developers and many other professionals exchange their views for betterment of game based learning.

In the development theories of psychology, playing is seen as an important activity in the development of creativity. Hope you are now having a list of game based learning blogs. Take a look and share your views in the comment box.

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