Few Amazing SmartBoard Resources on the Web

Few Amazing SmartBoard Resources on the Web

Smart Board (stylized as SMART Board), the name itself says it’s smart. It’s a combination of simplicity of white board with the power of computer. The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input (for example scrolling

 and right mouse-click) in the same way as normal PC input devices. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and white boarding software. The software may either be Smart Notebook collaborative learning software for education, or Smart Meeting Pro software for business.

The components that are used to connect may be USB or serial cables or wireless too. A projector connected to the computer displays the desktop image on the interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard accepts touch input from a finger, pen or other solid object. So, this is the basic structure of a smart board. It is one of the best tools for improving student learning in the classroom. It delivers dynamic lessons; you can write and save your work. It can transform the classroom into interactive learning environment. It has become the ultimate tool for capturing student attention during the whole period of class. Let me provide you some great resources

Teq Educator Resource Centre:

Teq Educator Resource Centre will provide you Quick Reference Guide for new users or the users who want to know more about a smart board.

Topics included in reference guide are Topics include:

  • Getting to know your SMART Board
  • Cleaning your SMART Board
  • Troubleshooting your SMART Board
  • Troubleshooting your Pen Tray and Ink Features
  • Troubleshooting your speakers
  • Troubleshooting your projector

Categories of Lessons in Teq’s blog:

The Teq Educator Resource Center contains interactive whiteboard lessons, resources, and mixed reality 3D content. Download subject-specific SMART Notebook, ActivInspire, Mimio, and RM Easiteach lessons. Many interactive whiteboard lessons were created by educators during Teq's Digital Teacher Certification.
There are many lessons that contain interactive graphic content to give your students a real life learning experience. The lessons include Mathematics for elementary, middle and high classes, Science for elementary, middle and high classes and many more.

There are some web platforms where you can explore, exchange and exemplify your knowledge about SMART Board lessons. We are giving you the brief info about those platforms.

SMART Board Revolution:

SMART Board Revolution is a very good web platform for all SMART Board educators. This is an effective online tool for sharing your ideas, tips and lesson files that can maximize a student learning. This website includes so many teachers across the world, groups, lesson files, video tutorials, blogs shared by teachers, and many. 

SMART Board Liverbinder:

SMART Board Liverbinder provides you an awesome collection of resources and tools related to smart boards. It include many useful links related to Smart Board resources, Blogs and Podcast, bookmark collections.

SMART Exchange:

SMART Exchange is a best web tool for downloading smart board lesson contents. You can browse the content by subject or grade or type of file that you need. Educators can share resources that will optimize the student learning. It’s also having best sorting option where you can select standard, grade and subject so that you can find the respective sources.

Now you are aware of some useful SMART Board resources. It is a great tool which optimizes student learning when implemented properly. Here are few more resources of Smart Board related contents.

Teachers love SMART Boards:

It can help teachers find quality resources to use with their SMART Board. Check out here.

Smart Board Lessons in Pinterest:

Lesson collection by Amy Bansak
Lesson Collection by Jan Mason
Lesson Collection by Kelli Padget
Lesson Collection by Karen Axlay

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