List Of Digital Content Resources To Help You With Different Subject Needs

List of Digital Content Resources to Help You with Different Learning Needs

With higher adoption of eLearning, textbooks no longer remain the primary source of information. 

Educators, students and parents lookout for digital resources to enhance the learning experience for students. Also, additional resources help in developing relevant, engaging and new content.   

Here's a list of digital content resources to help you with all the content curation and learning needs. The list is divided as per subjects (English, Science, Social Science, Math, and Computer Science) and a list of platforms catering to multiple topics.

Multiple Content Areas

Brain Pop  
With over 1000 animated videos for students in K-12, the tool covers a multitude of subjects and lesson plans and supplemental materials. 

 Discovery Education  
It is a platform that provides digital textbooks for math, science, social studies, and a digital streaming service for online content.  

International Children's Digital Library  
This digital collection of e-books holds thousands of books in over 50 languages. Availability across languages makes the tool useful for students around the globe. The app availability of the tool makes it useful outside the classroom as well.  

Khan Academy  
The online education industry's well-known platform provides free online courses and content developed by experts in their fields. User can learn new things, upskill, reskill or cater to any learning needs.   

OER Commons  
Access a free digital library full of teaching resources and instructional materials.  

PBS Learning Media  
Providing content for K-12, PBS Learning Media is an excellent online resource for teachers. It includes everything from videos for student viewing to teaching tools.  

Teachers can find several high-quality TED-Ed videos and lesson plans on the site and create lessons based on other TED-Ed videos.  

The digital content on this site is common core and STEM-aligned and engaging for students with a wonder of the day.  

Apart from Provides resources on adopting or adapting best practices in classroom teaching, the platform offers a dedicated webpage to online learning resources.  

CK-12 has free resources such as lessons and videos for students, parents, teachers, schools, and districts that can support prior learning (Grades K-12)  

For Social Studies

C-SPAN Classroom  
C-SPAN Classroom provides videos on current issues, as well as video archives for history lessons. Additionally, the site includes lesson plans and resources for teachers.  

History Classroom  
The History Channel Classroom site includes relevant videos, lesson plans, and study guides.  

National Geographic Education  
Social studies, geography, and science classrooms, can benefit significantly from Nat Geo Education's digital content, including videos, images, lessons, activities, games, and more.  

Crash Course World History   
The platform is a directory of handpicked YouTube videos about almost every period of history. 

For Math   

Dreambox uses many school districts' software with free options for parents to assist with progressive learning through games, exercises, and videos.  

Discovering Geometry   
This site is by the teacher and author Michael Serra. A rather helpful resource for students and adults to better understand math and master geometry.   

RightStart Mathematics   
The platform uses gamified learning to teach elementary and middle school students about counting, quantities, and general math with the Al Abacus.  

This is a free website used by many teachers to teach math. The platform connects in-class learning to at-home math practice which makes it a hit among teachers and students.   

The platform uses a unique math-you-see curriculum to help parents learn math and teach it to their children, including students with special needs.   

CueThink is a virtual learning site to help students develop critical thinking skills and master general mathematics with the social learning approach.  

Illuminations offer interactive tools for learning and teaching math. The website offers free resources for k-12 classes. It has a search box with available contents and topics. User can fill in the specifications and get going with the resources that'd help you ace your mathematics.   

Addressing K-6 students, the tool is useful to learn reading and math. It uses comprehensive and common core-aligned problems and illustrations to help learners understand the concepts.  

Scaffolded Math and Science  
The platform has home-schooling tips to help teach students math and science using interactive activities that can also be found in the Google library.  

A directory of thousands of videos to instruct students of all grades about basic math to trigonometry. 

For Science  

Mystery Science  
This website has lessons, videos and interactive learning created by an experienced science teacher to help kids learn about science. The platform caters to elementary education.   

Exploratorium offers thousands of projects for adults and students, including development programs, interactive exhibits, reading content and film screenings.  

Biology Online   
Access biology articles, tutorials and a biology dictionary.  

Science Game Center   
The platform offers teachers, parents and scientists a place to participate in science and math games and demonstrate how to improve science and math education.   

Learn interactive, engaging online activities for students and teachers to improve chemistry education.  

NASA Space Place teaches students how their states and NASA work together while helping students learn more about Earth and space with activities, crafts, videos and games.  

Scaffolded Math and Science  
Learn home-schooling tips for teaching math and science using interactive math and science activities. Helpful for educators to get inspired for hand-on activities and projects.  

For English

Bookshare is a site for those who cannot read traditional print material. It'sIt's free to people and organizations that meet the criteria. 

Storyline Online   
Storyline Online is an award-winning 24/7 reading site that offers thousands of books to children of all ages.   

Into the Book   
Into the Book is a multimedia package that offers both a student and teacher website of activities to improve reading and comprehension.   

Learning Ally   
Learning Ally includes books, exhibits and tutorials to help students, including at-risk and disabled students, enjoy and improve their reading experience.   

Designed for elementary and middle school students, Scholastic offers daily activities and projects to help students read, learn and grow academically.   

Starfall started as a free public service to help students improve their reading skills. It has added math and language to its curriculum for younger students. 

Raz-Kids is a 24/7 online reading library where elementary school students can practice reading and record it to take tests to determine their comprehension level.  

Tumble Book Library   
Tumble Book Library, used in many schools, has thousands of books for students.   

Learning Without Tears   
Learning Without Tears uses many strategies, curriculums and projects to help students learn to write and use cursive in everyday writing.  

For Computer Science

Scratch allows students to make their games, animations and interactive stories and share them with others online.   
Code is a site with information and training in computer science to K-12 students. 

Designed for students and teachers, CodeCombat teaches computer science and coding.  

Codecademy helps students learn to code using methods that meet the educational needs of the student.  

Code Monster   
Code Monster is an interactive tool from Crunchzilla that teaches programming concepts to students of all ages.  

Blockly Games offers interactive games to help students enhance their programming skills.  

Tynker helps students ages five and above learn programming through tutorials, models and programming camps.   

Codemoji is a computer science curriculum for elementary and middle school students to learn code by their unique method. Students can create their websites and animations.  

Flatiron School   
For the more advanced student, Flatiron School offers free courses in Hacking 101, Introduction to Javascript and Introduction to Ruby.  

Digipen Academy has workshops, masterclasses, summer sessions and a K-12 home-school in all subject areas.  

Keep adding to the list in the comments section below!    

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