A Comprehensive List of Home-School Resources, Curriculum & Lesson Plans

A Comprehensive List of Home-School Resources, Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Home-schooling comes with a lot of research and curation from the guardian's end.

To meet all the learning needs, you'll need many detailed resources to plan and work on a curriculum. We've narrowed down the web resources, and here's a list of homeschool resources for all the learning and teaching needs. 

Homeschooling Web Resources You Need To Follow

Homeschooling guide for parents and students: This blog covers essential information on all the crucial aspects of homeschooling. You'll get to learn about the basic requirements, how to get started with homeschooling, tips on making a schedule for it, curriculum planning, and other questions that may come to your mind. This is the kind of blog you read before stepping into the process. From this post, you'll get an idea about the whole thing and what you're getting yourself into. 

Homechool.com: This online platform brings homeschoolers together and helps their parents build a community. You'll find many valuable articles, podcasts, blogs, resources, and other content to help you with your homeschooling journey on the website. The website also features guidance on curriculum, advice videos, printables, and other resources to help you with your homeschooling needs.    

Special Needs Homeschooling: Parents who are homeschooling children with disabilities would find this blog of great help. Heather Laurie, a mother of five children with special needs, shares her experiences and resources that people like her would benefit from.  

Simple Home school: The blog features posts to help homeschoolers get a direction and encouragement for those beginning to consider homeschooling and offers practical advice and curriculum reviews. 

Confessions of a Homeschooler: The blog offers many informational resources for homeschooling and many free printables and crafts throughout the year. 

40 Homeschooling Tools And Resources I Use: Terry Heick, a father of seven kids who are being homeschooled, shares his experience and a list of web tools that you'd find helpful. He covers all the homeschooling needs and tools that can help you work effectively.   

Home Schooling - Everything You Need To Know: this guide on homeschooling covers everything that puts together the homeschooling concept in detail. You'll learn about lesson planning and structure, how to do it as per your child's need, and more.    

Homeschooling Resources For Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Ron Paul Curriculum: the platform offers online classes for core subjects for students of all grades. Their curriculum is designed to meet the academic needs on a personalized level. The good part is that the courses don't require extra material and is taught by academic experts via video lectures. This could help if you struggle with completing the curriculum or need help with your child's homeschooling. 

Oak Meadow: With an approach delivering academics for preschool students to higher education, they use child cantered methods with emphasis on creative arts. The methods extensively include drawing. Painting, music and handwork to impart academic education.   

K12.com: This website is for people seeking homeschooling and wants to ensure that their child meets all the state standard education norms. The website offers online programs covering the curriculum as per state standards. Their courses are ideal to meet diverse learning needs with a personalized approach. The website also features other important content on homeschooling that you'd find helpful.   

Clickschooling: this web-based platform emails you curriculum ideas for homeschooling six days a week. The idea is to help you plan a curriculum covering one different subject every day of the week. They share ideas to help you do that effectively. You'll get the ideas for one week free of cost, and afterwards, you can subscribe to get your daily emails on how to plan your homeschooling curriculum. 

Scholastic Learn at Home: Scholastic is one of the most known names for educational material. Their online platform for learning at home offers students' daily activities and projects in grades pre K to class 9. They cover varied subjects, including science, math, ELA, and social studies. The curriculum includes stories, articles, videos, and activities designed to stimulate kids' curiosity. Some of the material is also available in Spanish. 

Free OERs: this post offers a vast list of free open educational resources for math, language/arts, science and technology. The list is divided into subject wise, and for every subject, resources are mentioned as grade-appropriate. This could be your go-to list when looking for additional learning material or exercise worksheets. 

Time4Learning: if your child enjoys computer games, this website can change your homeschooling journey. Include games in your lesson plans. The platform offers gamified learning for children of all grades, covering math, science, social science, and reading skills. Ou can access the platform for a fee of $19.95/month for the first child in preschool-8th grade and $30/month for the first child in grades 9-12. 

Starfall Education: this homeschooling website is ideal for helping students develop reading skills. The platform's activities teach young children effectively to use phonics through gamified learning, video content, and flip through books of stories. 

TED-Ed: TED talks are known for the value they bring to the user. Their extension for the education sector is excellent for people seeking educational resources. This website enables you to build a lesson around TED talks, TED-Ed resource, or YouTube videos. You can also access the existing lessons on the website and use them. Lessons are available on a variety of topics.   

The Learning Network: The blog is from the New York Times (NYT) and features standards-aligned lessons on civics, social studies, history, and other topics related to current news and events. The lessons are updated regularly and are free of cost. Apart from the lessons, the platform's student version offers Quizzes, activities, and a student version of the NYT crossword providing more opportunities for learning at home. 

Creating Lesson Plans For Homeschooling: This is a comprehensive guide on lesson planning for homeschooling. You'll learn about how to do it along with examples. The guide elaborates on creating lesson plans as per difficulty level and grade. Be through with it to understand how to create lesson plans for your child that are class appropriate. 

BBC Bitesize: The website offers simple-to-follow lessons and videos for children aged 4 to 14. The bite-sized content makes it engaging and easy for kids to focus on the learning content. Varied multimedia options are available to learn from, including short films, quizzes and practice activities delivering key topics. The activities and videos on the platform are all tailored to support the National Curriculum. With this platform, you can be confident that your kids are covering the same material they would in class, with different content tailored for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

BBC Teach: wit this platform, you can access education video resources that are worth the watch. There are tie-ins with the BBC series like Doctor Who, Springwatch and Blue Planet. Many of the videos are hosted by well-known BBC presenters who are skilled in holdings kids' attention and making even complex topics fun and accessible. You can watch without logging in, but signing-up will allow you to keep track of which videos have already been watched. 

SchoolhouseTeachers.com: this could be your one-stop solution for all the learning needs of children when homeschooling. The website offers curated courses for all subjects and grades for students. With over 300 courses in everything from computer programming to foreign languages, science, music, math, and so much more to learn. All the learning material can be accessed virtually. They run on a membership model.    

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