How To Learn English In India Step By Step Through Online Learning Platforms

Learning English is an excellent idea because it will open up so many doors for you, both personally and professionally.

Well, if you want to learn English in India, the best way is to enrol in an English language course. You can find these courses online as well as offline. So, let's walk through the process step by step. 

Importance of Spoken English in India

English is a universal language and is essential for day to day life. But do you realize just how vital it is to speak this language fluently? Well, we need excellent skills to speak verbally in order for us to be successful at school or work since it can determine our success. Most of us learn spoken English during school days when we were a child. However, you may want to consider learning it later on to improve your communication skills.

Here's Why You Must Consider Taking Spoken English Classes

  • The Constitution of India is written in English.
  • All Indian laws, including the Indian Penal Code and Civil Code, are written in English. This can be attributed to British rulers who ruled over India for a long time.
  • English is used at banks, stock exchanges, and financial institutions. Though other languages are used too, English reigns supreme among all the different dialects in India.
  • Hindi is the official language of India. However, English dominates all regions, and most people speak it as their first or second tongue.
  • The scriptures of every major religion in India are available for people to read in English.
  • The Indian Rupee displays the value and issuer in English.
  • Indian passports have English printed on the cover and other pages.
  • Most of the job applications and interviews are conducted in English.
  • English language skills are a prerequisite to benefit from the Indian government's Major initiatives like Skill India, Digital India and Make In India.
  • English is the de facto language of higher education in India.

Steps to Learn English in India

Learning a new language is never easy, but with the right approach and some dedication, you can turn it into an achievable goal. If you plan to learn spoken English, keep in mind that your age, location, and qualification doesn't matter. Here are some simple steps for you to improve your Spoken English in 2021.

Download Spoken English App on Your Mobile

You can choose from tons of mobile applications that feature English learning courses. While some include voice recognition, others offer simple quizzes or games. Moreover, these focus on different aspects like grammar, conversation skills, and more. Additionally, you can also select from different learning levels - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. 

Classroom study courses for Spoken English

To improve English in 2021, you will have to start today! Well, there are plenty of native coaching classes all around the country that offers courses for spoken English as well as written English. 

The duration of these courses can vary anywhere from one week to six months, with more advanced programs running up to a year. However, those claiming that they teach spoken English skills in just a few days are bound to be a disappointment. Such courses only offer very basic training on answering telephone calls and greeting people in English.

Private coaching and tutor for English Speaking

Private coaching centres and tutors for English speaking have proven to be the most efficient way of learning this language. The greatest advantage is receiving personal attention, which can cost you anything from Rs 10,000-25,000 per month. This investment pays off as the skilled tutors provide not only one-on-one help but also offer professional guidance about spoken English & written skills. This will make you feel like a native speaker in no time!

Audio and video study material

Audio and video study materials are far better than self-study books and guides. However, they have a few drawbacks. 

First of all, audio is not enough to provide students with instructions on grammar or the formation of correct sentences because it lacks a written component. Video courses also lack these tools, which help make learning English more interesting for people who do not enjoy reading long texts. 

While audio and video study material may be good supplements if you plan on taking a full-fledged course, these should not replace class work entirely!

Read English language newspapers and magazines.

It is important to read English newspapers and magazines because it will teach you new words and phrases. Furthermore, you can find their meaning in a dictionary whenever you come across them. Make sure to look outside of the front page for larger articles that are turned inside or extended on other pages so that you do not miss out on any valuable information. 

Additionally, you must also develop a habit of reading English books. It is a great way to learn new words and expand your knowledge. 

Enrol for Online English Courses

You can enrol in spoken English classes if you wish to learn this language fast and effectively. There are several platforms that offer English learning courses; therefore, there is something for everyone. Additionally, they charge a reasonable fee which is majorly based on your location and the duration of the course. Whether you want to become fluent in speaking and writing or are just getting started, they have what's suitable for your skill level!

Some of the best online language teaching platforms

English is a global language; that's why online teaching platforms are gaining more popularity. There are several things that make these schools so intriguing. This includes lower costs, high-quality instruction, and international reach. It further allows the people to tap into talent pools and learn about the culture of some other country right from their bedroom! 

Therefore, to improve English in 2021, here are some platforms that will be of great help to start with. 


Learning a language may seem daunting at first. But Busuu is here to help! It's easy to use and more fun than other online platforms. The best part? You can choose from the myriad of languages that are offered on this site!

After registration, users may start taking lessons and gradually acquire English skills as they go along. Busuu also has a site that helps you meet friends with similar interests.


Duolingo is a creative tool if you wish to learn languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German! You can even do this for FREE in your native language or choose English. For Indians who have Hindi as their first language - Duolingo might be the perfect place to start learning another language right from the comfort of your home.

Duolingo features courses in over 20 different languages and is compatible with both Android devices as well as iOS!

Superprof India

Superprof India is yet another platform that has made the world of online learning fast and accessible. The best part about taking English speaking courses on Superprof is that you can choose your tutor according to your preferences. Additionally, the prices are also flexible, and you will become a master of spoken English without having to step out of your house. Easy, flexible, and convenient - Superprof is one of the best ways to go!

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