Where Can College Students Find Online Tutoring Jobs?

We all know, the pandemic has dramatically altered education, and online tutors have become a sigh of relief for many learners. After the March 2020 School shut down due to COVID-19, most parents have turned to online tutors to prevent their children from falling behind.

Ever since the pandemic started, a surge in online learning has been evident. Parents new to technology have had a hard time understanding the unique challenges of virtual learning and started hiring online tutors to help bridge the gap between what teachers and schools can offer and what students need to succeed.

Also, with so much job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic and job uncertainties, many teachers and students are looking forward to earning from home through online tutoring services. As of now, online tutoring is a multimillion-dollar industry that is here to stay. With this growth, online tutoring also comes as the opportunity to teach or tutor online. And indeed, there is money to be made by becoming an online tutor.

So, where can college students find online tutoring jobs? Read this post to know the platforms that hire college/university students for tutors' jobs.


CAMBLY is likely to be the first on this list of top online tutoring jobs for college students. The platform focuses mainly on English language studies for kindergarten to grade 12 + college levels.  The platform requires no educational experience; only people with a good knowledge of the English language can be a good choice. If you are an English graduate student, then the chances of your appointment might be higher.

By teaching at CAMBLY, you can easily earn $10.20/hour. You also have the right to choose the teaching time of your choice and teach students from all over the world.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Applicant has to be a native English speaker. Tutors can easily earn $10.20 on CAMBLY and $12 on CAMBLY Kids per hour.


At TUTOR.COM, you benefit from the convenience of teaching pupils of all levels. This platform offers courses for subjects like Math, English, Science, Foreign languages, Social Studies, Business, and homework assistance for students in grades k-12.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: To be eligible for Tutor.com, you must reside in the U.S. or Canada, be available to teach students for at least five hours per week, and be registered at an undergraduate college (some subjects do require a college degree). The hourly rate is based on the topics you select as a tutor and will be decided following the application process.

Also, to become a teacher, you will have to take a subject assessment exam and complete a mock tutor session. It is a long process that may take 1-3 weeks.


QKIDS is a great platform for those interested in offering tutoring services in English. All they need is significant control over the English language. At QKIDS, your primary job is to teach English to Chinese children from 4 to 12 years old. You will be teaching students in Grades 1 to 4 and need to prepare lessons for 30 minutes.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: As a teacher, you can earn around $20 an hour and get sizable bonuses. Key requirements for becoming a tutor at QKIDS you should either be residing or be eligible to work in the Canada or U.S., you should be actively enrolled in a university or have an undergraduate degree, have prior experience teaching children (teaching, mentoring, coaching, tutoring, babysitting, etc. and is expected to be available to teach more than six hours a week.


The platform offers English learning services in china. Suitable for teaching 5-12-year-old students, Magic Ears hires native U.S. or Canadian English language teachers to teach children in China.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: The platform hires native English speakers. Experienced or freshers, you can apply and earn 18-26 USD per hour. The platform pays on the 10th working day of the following month via PayPal or wire transfer.


India's leading online tutoring site, Vedantu, helps pupils learn online with Indian teachers. The platform has over 500 teachers enrolled and has taught over 40,000 students so far.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Becoming a mentor for Vedantu is quick and easy. All you need to do is take an online evaluation and provide a teaching demonstration to their experts. The complete process may be completed within a week. It provides online tutoring jobs to hundreds of teachers and subject experts. You can earn from a minimum of ₹ 25,000+per month by teaching 4hr/day to ₹ 75,000+ per month for serving full time.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg is an online tutoring site for middle school students, high school and college for all subjects. It connects students with tutors instantly.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: You must be currently registered in a four-year academic program to become a Chegg Tutor. You will be required to produce two forms of educational verification (I.D. card, diploma, unofficial transcripts) as proof. And, Site is no limit; you can apply from anywhere in the world. On this platform, you can easily win $20/hour paid weekly via PayPal. As per the company, the top-earning tutors are earning over $1,000/month.


TUTORME is another prominent site offering online tutoring jobs for college students. It provides course assistance for k-12 students in the following subjects: engineering, Computer science, history, foreign language, humanities, math, science, social sciences, and test prep etc.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: At TUTORME, you can make $18 –$20/hour. However, to apply here, you will require at least one year of teaching experience, a graduation certificate from a renowned college/university, and sound knowledge on the subject you want to offer teaching service.


This website mainly focuses on test prep rather than offering it as one of many options. Prep Now's three main subject areas are high school Mathematics, SAT prep, and ACT prep. It is a very no-frills tutoring job with a straightforward setup.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: To be a PrepNow tutor, you are required to have a minimum of two years of teaching experience, along with at least a bachelor's degree (no teaching degree is not required) and a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal/C.R.Also, the tutor must be able to devote at least six hours per week.


This online tutoring platform hires college students or recent grads with a GPA of 3.0 or better who are experienced in teaching with 6th-12th grade students for at least a year, have strong math skills, and pass a background check. Like previous websites, you will be able to take advantage of flexible hours so that you can adapt the tutoring sessions in your schedule.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: At Student Tutor, you will have to dedicate two days a week for at least three consecutive hours between 3-8 PM, Monday to Thursday. Competency in math up to Algebra 2, being a U.S. citizen, and being at least 18 years old are also must.


HappyTutors.com is an online tutoring community where you can add your tutor services. Then, students or their parents can check your listing and hire you if you meet their requirements. Unlike others, at HappyTutors.com, you will need to pay a fee when creating a new listing on the website.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: The minimum age limit to join is 18 years old.


LearnToBe is a non-profit organization that provides one-on-one online tutoring to students in need. They aim to provide equal opportunity for all students through their academic help, so they are skilled to thrive in the future.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: People interested in volunteering as tutors can fill out the application form on their website. If the profile is accepted, you can find a student you think you can help from their dashboard. You won't get paid for the service, but you can earn experience and sharpen your skills while helping (k-12) students in the process.


Yup connects students with tutors instantly through its mobile tutoring app. The platform caters to k-12 students who need help with math, chemistry and physics. Students post pictures of their doubts and queries, and tutors can check those and work with students to help them. All tutors on board are given a weekly schedule when they must be online to help students.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Only US residents can work as a tutor for Yup and must have two years of tutoring experience. Applicants have to take individual subject exams for subjects they'd like to teach, followed by one teaching exam. The pay on Yup is based on experience, communication skills, and content mastery and is provided monthly.


Think of SuperProf as a directory of tutors that students check to find their best fit. The platform offers a list of tutors for varied subjects and skills for different grades and levels. Tutors get complete control over scheduling classes, fees, and methodology.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: students looking for tutoring jobs can create a free tutor ad on the platform and create their profile mentioning what they can teach and complete details regarding their experience, expertise in the subject domain, expected fee etc. Once your ad is published, students will be able to contact you. You can post as many ads as in as many subjects as you are willing to teach.


Tutors got to bid on questions students post on the platform. Tutors can give students a price and delivery time, and students get the choice to pick the tutor to begin the session. Another exciting thing about the platform is that it allows the tutors to sell their notes and study guides to make passive income.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: applicants can be college or university students. The platform charges a minimum of 20% commission on all the projects you take. 


StudyGate helps students typically with their homework. A separate section on the website mentions online tutoring, but their "Homework Help" section is the most popular. Students post questions, and interested tutors can bid for the help, essentially saying, "I'll help you, for this much". This system provides complete control and flexibility to the tutor. You can work when and where you want, and at the rates you would like.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Interested tutors need not be certified, but your diploma or latest transcript (for college students) along with a photo of your ID is a must. Upon applying, they'll set up a call with you to get things going.


Students get to choose tutors for their educational needs on the platform. To have better chances, tutors must create a good profile mentioning experience, expertise and skills in subject domains. Tutors get complete flexibility to set schedules and classes as per their availability and comfort.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Only US residents can apply to be a tutor on the platform. The applicant has to take a multiple-choice quiz, and if you get a passing score, you can start tutoring in that subject right away. The platform charges a 25% commission for the money you make through the platform. Also, if you refer a student, you'll receive 100% of the money made through that student.


The platform caters to the learning needs of language learners. Students can find a tutor on the platform filtered by availability, nationality, language, or cost. All tutors onboard set their prices and schedule except the first session of a new student on the platform.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: the platform doesn't ask for any specific certification or teaching experience is to be a tutor on board. You need outstanding communication skills and the will to provide a personalized learning experience to international students. Tutors have to create a profile with complete information and a video introduction of 2 minutes to complete their profile. Creating a profile is free; however, the platform charges commission on every student you teach. The commission for a trial lesson with a new student is 100%; afterwards, 33% commission is charged for every subsequent lesson. The commission can be decreased to 18% as tutors take more classes. The more hours you teach on Preply, the lower the rate of commission is charged. 

Genext Student

Genext Students is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based virtual tutoring education platform. Their services are ideal for students aged 10 to 18 in all major subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science & Languages (Hindi & English) for the national & a few state Boards across India.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: there's no defined eligibility. However, interested applicants have to take a proficiency test. If shortlisted, online orientation is provided, followed by a demo session. If applicant clears the demo session, they can connect with students on the platform and start with online tutoring.


They provide tuition for multiple subjects. The liberty of scheduling and setting up the class remains with the students. Students can also opt for live sessions to learn from their tutors face to face and raise questions in real-time.  

Eligibility/Process/Pay: interested applicants have to mention complete details in the application like area of expertise and teaching experience. The previous tutoring experience is advantageous but not mandatory to the selection process. The submission is followed by a 30 minutes exam curated by experts on the subject you want to teach and a quick telephonic interview. If selected, the candidate is trained in getting familiar with their Whiteboard roof and run multiple Mock Sessions until you get comfortable using the same. The pay is provided weekly by the platform.


This virtual tutoring platform developed a mobile app that helps students with their educational needs and serves class 8th – 12th and entrance exams preparation. Tutors on the app get requests from students and can connect with students instantly if they agree on the prices for each session. 

Eligibility/Process/Pay: The website doesn't mention any basic eligibility. Interested applicants can Choose topics of their expertise and accept sessions they want. The payment is processed by the platform every weekend.


Ace Tutors allows students to find a tutor for themselves. Students can search based on subject, location, gender, and tutor type. The platform works as a depository of tutors, and students looking for a tutor will find their fit on this platform.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: Applicants must have achieved at least an A grade in the paper they want to teach in. to know more about their vacancies, Keep an eye on their Facebook page.


GoStudent provides one-to-one, video-based tuition services to primary, secondary and college students in over 20 subjects. The tutoring sessions are live sessions between students and tutors and can be quickly booked by the student, scheduled as per convenience and rescheduled if students cannot attend. The platform claims that Over 400,000 tutoring units are reserved each month. The current user base is around 15,000 students and works with 5,500 international tutors.  

Eligibility/Process/Pay: The application process starts with sharing complete details and a subject test. If selected, the applicant has to appear for a Group discussion to convince the team of their strengths in the tutoring subject. The final shortlisting happens after the group discussion. If selected, applicants have to create their tutor profile and find out everything about their tasks. The platform offers complete support and coaching to make sure you get a grip on the platform usage.

Fab Tutor

Fab Tutor offers tutoring services through its comprehensive platform. Students can select a tutor based on tuition categories like exam prep, art, music, academics, competitive exams, various subjects, board of education, particular exam, language, resource availability and city. The platform is an online marketplace to explore and book tutors for online or offline tuitions. 

Eligibility/Process/Pay: applicants can create a free profile and get in touch with the broad student base on the platform. Tutors have to take a demo session with the students, and if things go right, you can continue with the sessions. The company offers transparent financial terms, and you get paid every month depending upon the classes.


Vnaya offers tutoring services to students in the k-12 sector in Maths, English & Science at all skill levels. The company also provides language learning classes for students interested to learn foreign languages. The tutors have to give a fixed time slot that they can dedicate to online tutoring.

Eligibility/Process/Pay: The only eligibility to teach on the platform is subject expertise. If you think you are good at your subject, fill the form on the website, and the process will start. The company offers in house tutor training and international standard hourly rates.

Here are a few tips for beginning with your online tutoring service

To become an online tutor, start by

1) Creating an attractive portfolio mentioning your experienceLevel, subject expertise, Qualifications, Skillset in the profile.

2) Stay as active as you can on social platforms for interaction with potential customers.

3) Subscribe to or join the online tutoring platforms & websites to stay updated on openings.

4) Use the latest software, tools and learn about the various technologies online platforms use and require from a virtual tutor.

So, If you are a student and looking for a platform to start your career in teaching, then this written piece is perfect for you, for sure. Also, do mention other platforms you use to provide online tutoring? 

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