Physics Tools, Apps & Resources You Must Know

Physics Tools, Apps & Resources You Must Know

Studying online is gradually becoming an easy way to study and gain knowledge in any subject in the era of digitalization. However, whichever subject you study online or on-campus, you need to access a right and good resource wherein you can get answers to troubling questions.

This piece has enlisted some of the best tools, apps, websites, and resources, designed especially for physics learning.

Check them out!


KerbalEdu is based on the acclaimed Kerbal Space Program. It is available to all to buy, and it comes with better features that help integrate it into the classroom. The players help the likeable Kerbals produce rockets and conduct orbital missions. Students can master physics and engineering skills as they comprehend STEM concepts.

Math Ref

To help students learn math and related topics, this application combines 1400 equations and formulas. It can be used for learning physics, chemistry, science, mathematics, and more. Students need not learn equations or write them down and search for them every time they use them; the application keeps the formulas at their fingertips. Math Ref also includes essential tools such as unit conversions, triangle solvers and basic calculators to help you do your homework.

Newton for Osmo 

Solve physical puzzles with your imagination by drawing lines or putting objects in front of the screen. The application uses a hands-on approach to encourage creativity, problem-solving and social interaction. Newton to Osmo works with every object or design, including mom's keys, a handmade basket, and even toys you own. Place the object or drawing in front of the screen and manipulate it to guide balls falling into target areas. This application requires that Osmo Base functions appropriately and is found on Osmo creates a new experience through the display of your device.

Physics Lab AR

Using Physics Lab AR, you can build and test various circuit components and 3-D electric circuits. The application is helpful for both teachers and students. Teachers can use this tool to teach in the laboratory, while students can broaden their knowledge base within and outside the classroom, select the circuitry components (more than 20) from the toolbox and connect them to the office. The experiments are based on science, and they are correct. More circuit components are released regularly.

Simple Physics

As the name suggests, Simple physics is an easy-to-use yet simple designed app in a game mode for students' enjoyment. However, in this application, students must address various construction challenges using their knowledge in physics. For example, in this application, students build structures that should repel different forces and gain points by mastering physics concepts to build sustainable structures.

Simple Rockets

Using Kepler's equations for modelling orbital physics and astrodynamics, this highly realistic game lets users explore the solar system from different perspectives. This application comprises options to build rocket ships, launch from the surface of any planet—from Venus' intense atmosphere to Mercury's low gravity, and built-in challenges that allow players to compete to go the fastest or land on the moon. Simple Rockets can be used in class as an addition to a standard physics program or enjoyed at home as a task extender.


Algodoo is a 2-D sandbox freeware based on the physics of Algoryx Simulation AB as a successor to the popular physics app Phun. Make your ideas come alive with Alstom. Use the drawing tool, materials such as ropes, lasers, gears, motors and even water to test your funniest thoughts in a simulated world. Share your inventions with your friends and challenge them to use their creative abilities. The simulated world is based on the most up-to-date technologies used by Algoryx in advanced technical simulations and virtual reality simulators.

Bridge Basher

This game allows you to build bridges in just seconds, then destroy them. See your bridge respond to destructive forces in real-time with an advanced physics engine. Build bridges with the editor's help and fix errors with the Undo button. Only the best bridge builders get to the top list. The areas of great stress on your deck appear in red while others are green. You may share your deck designs with your friends by email.


CK-12 supports students and teachers in improving elementary learning worldwide by making personal education tools available. The application lets you learn over 5,000 subjects in mathematics and science at your own pace. Mathematical subjects include arithmetic, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistics, probability, analysis and computation. Scientific subjects include life sciences, geography, physics, biology, chemistry and physics. Other topics include SAT exam readiness, technology, engineering, astronomy, English and history.

Pocket Physics

Pocket Physics is a free application that gives you physics-related information formulas with descriptions and images. This application is ideal for those who want to do physics assignments quickly and precisely. Pocket Physics gives discreet explanations of the critical concepts taught in an introduction to physics, from linear motion to astronomy. It is also a perfect reference, filled with formulas, equations and pictures for students who need help with their physics homework.


Oomph is a physical learning application that helps users understand and apply key concepts related to electricity-related topics. Oomph highlights people's ability to define electricity, current, voltage, and resistance correctly. It is easy to follow, with descriptions and explanations of those concepts divided into steps that support each learner's capacity. The application comes with a charge of $1.49/£0.99.


PhysicsProf is an application consisting of a vast library of physics equations and allows users to enter values and resolve these equations at the click of a button. The application will allow students to resolve physics equations by identifying and rearranging correct equations based on entered data. Once solved, the application shows the correct steps to follow to understand how to get to the right solution, enabling individuals to build confidence in eventually solving these unaided. Another best feature is the ability to alter the units of each value, providing a different level of challenge. There are five topic areas in the application, each with numerous possible equations ranging from GCSE to post 16 difficulty levels.

Equate Formula Solver

Equate is an app that collates a library of over 400 valuable equations spanning several subjects and enables the user to solve problems initially and then challenge themselves with questions to apply their understanding and build confidence in using these formulas. The applications cover mathematics, chemistry, physics and economics, and are suitable for various age ranges depending on the subject specifications taught.

The application is supported through individual YouTube links specific to the selected equation and Wikipedia pages to help users develop their understanding and offer instant support.

Monster Physics™

Monster Physics will have children building all kinds of objects in order to accomplish missions or just for the sake of it. Monster Physics is a fun game for children and adults alike. There are three activities: missions, construction and learning. In the learning section, children get acquainted with standard physical vocabulary terms. They can make any object they can imagine using some or all of the 68 pieces included. This game is suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2 and has items for vital upper steps. This app teaches students the basics of physics such as friction, rotation, mass, speed and speed and charges $1.49.


The American Physical Society

The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, education, outreach, advocacy, and international activities. It represents over 50,000 members, including physicists from academia, national laboratories and industry in the United States and worldwide. These representatives, through these programs, educate physics students on better enforcement mechanisms and processes to do better experiments and get results. They are thus one of the best websites for physics students.


Placed among the top learning website, It is a learning hub, a science, technology, and programming information centre. In Wolfram, students can buy online courses and register their products for purchase. The platform lets customers access the best service plans to help them manage their business. There are plenty of public resources and products available at Wolfram, and they are also very beneficial.


This website hosts all forms of interactions related to the subject. Moreover, they go beyond physics to talk about other domains which affect physical quantities. On this platform, students can learn from a plethora of scientific topics. Subjects like chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc., are also taught. Students of all levels of physics can register for this program and learn. In addition, they receive the most up-to-date information on research innovations and advancements.

Physics Classroom

The physics class is a website that hosts all forms of interaction on the topic. Despite the spread of the pandemic, they kept students on their toes as far as physics was concerned. This platform provides an online learning platform for learning physics. Students learning this program have access to video tutorials to obtain jobs and tests. A grading system ensures that these students know the subject area well before any promotion. Students at any level of Physics can enrol in the Physics Classroom as they remain one of the best websites for Physics in the world.

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is a professional body and learned society for physics in the UK and Ireland. Hence, this institute inspires people to develop their knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of physics. The iOS partners support and develop the teaching of physics in schools. They precisely achieve this by encouraging innovation, growth, and productivity in business. More so, they address notable skills shortages and provide evidence-based advice and support to governments.

All members of the physics community, whether in industry, the classroom, in technician roles or in training programs as an apprentice or a student, all come from all over the world. However, IOS aims to reach out to every person interested in physics and its contribution to society and the economy.

Khan Academy

The famous Khan Academy was founded in 2008 by Salman (Sal) Khan, who was mentoring his mathematical cousin with the help of a Yahoo! It involved videos recorded in the virtual background with the voice of Khan their narrative. Khan uploaded the videos to YouTube, and they gradually got attention. The rest is history, as they say.

Today, Khan Academy's YouTube channel has more than 6 million subscribers, more than 7,000 videos, and 1.8 billion views. The website covers are a vast category of materials ranging from early kindergarten to early college. Most are courses in math and science. This is a free online learning platform.

The Physics Hypertext Book

Glenn Elert, the author of Physics Hypertext Book, laments, "most physics textbooks are written by corporations and not authors. As a result, they lack a writer's voice …" I suspect most physics students share the same sentiment about textbooks. He, therefore, started the Hypertextbook Physics as a way to put the voice of a writer on a physics manual. However, this manual will be available free of charge online.

Its website is structured to resemble a college physics book, with content presented chapter by chapter. This is one of my favourite online physics websites.

Lumen Learning

Lumen Learning, founded in 2013 by Dr David Wiley and Ken Thanos 2013, is dedicated to making education more affordable by facilitating the integration of Open Education Resources (OER) and bringing new ideas to pedagogy.

The website consists of over 65 topics that are (for the most part) freely accessible. Lumen Learning collaborates with educational institutions, and if there is anything that involves payment, the institution will pay – not the student. Payment services include personalized courses, student feedback, and homework systems, which are more institutional-adapted anyway. You can learn physics independently without requiring premium features; the free content will do.


It is a web-based learning platform with a wealth of industry experience. Launched in May 2002 by Adrian Ridner and Ben Wilson, the website offers personalized adaptive learning and tools for educators and students.

The materials here are not free; they cost between $30 and $60 a month for top-of-the-range options. However, following last year's COVID-19 pandemic, Study announced that it would develop a list of 40 free online courses in history, mathematics, English and science.

Do try these amazing physics learning apps, tools and resources to help your students master the subject!

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