Apps That Help Boost Kids' Language Skills

Acquiring our language skills earlier was a difficult task, but today, many online resources make our job much easier in the world of technology. If you use one of the best language learning apps that exist on the web, you will be able to help your kids learn the language at their own pace and comfort.

We have compiled a list of popular language learning applications that make it easier to improve your language skills.

Their fun lessons and practical teaching methods will transform language learning into a pleasure rather than drudgery. Let's check them out!

Little Pim

If you are looking for an app with minimal introduction time to multiple languages, then Little Pim is the app for you! The app helps kids learn basic vocabulary through short videos, with no reading necessary. Little Pim, the panda, teaches nearly 360 words and phrases in 12 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. The application also allows parents and teachers to download companion guides to get the most out of every language.

Suitable Age- 0-6years.

Price - $ 9.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

Compatible with- iOS and Android.

Peg and Pog

The characters Peg and Pog and their cute cat Cosmo, in this app, tour the world and discover languages along the way. They take you along on their journey to different scenes and help you learn vocabulary as they explore them, from their bedroom and the grocery store to underwater and outer space adventures! The app allows kids to interact with the scenes and characters by tapping to experience sounds, words, and animation. There are free printables like colouring pages and support exercises to accompany these language learning apps.

Suitable Age- 3-5 years.

Price- $3.99 with French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, and $ 2.99 for individual apps for each language.

Compatible with- iOS and Android, and Kindle.

Gus on the Go

The main character, Gus, an owl travelling the world with a love of languages, introduces young learners to different languages worldwide. It is a language learning series application, sold separately, one for each of the 30 languages (in the last count). There are ten lessons with key vocabulary words, using interactive games for each language to help children learn. The language selection is broad, from customary Spanish and French to Hebrew, Armenian, Hindi, etc.

Suitable age- 3-7years

Price - Individual language apps are $3.99 each.

Compatible with- iOS, Android, and Kindle.

Drops and Droplets

Owned by Kahoot, Drops is one of the most popular language-learning applications for adults, and Droplets is their special offer for kids. Both apps focus on short lessons or games (5 minutes or less) so that children can progress within minutes per day. The app places a great deal of emphasis on visual learning. It offers 37+ languages with distinct courses for everyone in the same application.

Suitable age- 8-17 years.

Price- it has a freemium version that allows five minutes of gameplay every 10 hours. At the same time, The premium version begins as low as $5 per month (billed annually) and includes no advertising, unlimited gaming, and additional features.

Compatible with - iOS, Android, and web.


Another popular app, Duolingo, has set out to be the premier free language learning app, and they have certainly kept its promises. The freemium version has very few limitations, though you will see ads. Duolingo keeps its lessons short and efficient, and they have dozens of languages available, with the news still in progress. The application uses "streaks" to keep the motivator high, which is a nice touch. With Duolingo for Schools, teachers can track and review their students' progress. It is available for free. Teachers and parents can set age restrictions to tailor vocabulary to be age-appropriate.

Suitable age- 13+years.

Price- With no ad and offline access, the premium version, Duolingo Plus, costs $12.99 a month.

Compatible with - iOS and Android. 


Built around conversational languages, the app covers a dozen languages, including Spanish, Danish and Polish. Progressive lessons help you develop skills as you progress through an immersion learning process. Voice recognition tools listen and correct pronunciation if necessary. The new Babbel Live program lets you attend live language classes adapted to your needs, such as German Travel or French for Dining.

Suitable age - 12+ years and for Babbel Live Classes 16+.

Price - $6.95 monthly (billed annually) and include all languages. Live classes at $15 per class. 

Compatible with- iOS, Android, and web.


Pimsleur feels like a more traditional language course delivered through the application. Individual languages (50+) are available, including unique options like Ojibway and Icelandic. The program uses the Pimsleur approach, emphasizing memory, context and vocabulary. It is ideal for homeschooling or students who wish to learn a language unavailable at their school.

Suitable age- 13+.  

Price - Course prices vary, with some offered by the lesson and others as a monthly subscription.  

Compatible with- iOS, Android, and web.


As the name suggests, MemRise concentrates on memorization strategies and techniques to build vocabulary. This learning platform can be great for students who want some extra practice but are unlikely to build fluency independently. Some of the courses are user-built and may vary in quality. The application lets you try courses for free; however, you will need a paid subscription to access all available languages and activities and exercises.

Suitable age- 12+years.  

Price-The Premium version starts at $7.50/month, billed annually.

Compatible with- iOS, Android, and web.


Lirica is among the unique language learning apps. The application has easy to memorize song lyrics in several languages. The app teaches Spanish and German, and English, one track at a time, developing lyrics to help you learn grammar and vocabulary. The Spanish teachers are going to love using it with their classes! We've compiled a list of popular language learning applications that can help you improve your language skills. Their fun lessons and practical teaching methods will turn language learning into fun, not chores.

Suitable age- 12+ years. 

Price- It is available for free; however, the premium version comes for $7.99 a month or $24.99 a year.  

Compatible with- iOS and Android. 


FluentU is one of the popular language-learning applications, i.e., a fun, innovative learning option suitable for every age and language learning level. FluentU lets you pick your pace and learning materials and provides a flexible and personalized learning experience.The application FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Each FluentU video has captions and is fully annotated. It gives easy access to each word's definition, an associated image and several example sentences. If you want to see a word in another context, you can even click it to see how it is used in other videos.

Additionally, FluentU offers a "learn mode" that incorporates videos, images, and example sentences into exercises and flashcards, which provides an entertaining, in-context learning experience.

It helps you learn English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. It is available in Portuguese, Italian and Korean versions as well.

Suitable age- For all ages

Price-  Free

Compatible with- iOS and Android 

Teach Kids Languages

Designed for kids ages 2-7, the teach Kids Languages app uses fun games to teach languages. It has puzzles, memory games and quizzes to learn from.The app focuses on teaching spelling and pronunciation of essential vocabulary words. Children often use the vocabulary words, most general terms like colours, numbers, shapes, animal names, clothing, etc. 

 The Teach Kids Languages app is available in English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Esperanto.

Suitable age- 2-7years

Price- The app is available for free but comes with in-app purchases. 

Compatible with- iOS and Android

Monkey Junior: Learn to Read

Monkey Jr is a fun and interactive learning platform which allows children to learn seven languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, North Vietnamese, Russian and South Vietnamese) in a single application. It introduces each language with a complete set of lessons, each lasting between five and seven minutes; a minimum of one lesson per day is recommended for your child.

There are two modes: easy, which focuses on learning individual words, and average, for children ready to begin using sentences. Each lesson covers spelling, pronunciation and examples of using new words in phrases, with topics ranging from body parts to the house. Interactive games and stickers are available at each lesson to reward your child's hard work.

Suitable age- 0-6 years 

Price- Free 

Compatible with- iOS and Android 

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is another heavy hitter in educational apps, and it is easy to see why. This subscription program lets you choose between up to 24 of the most popular languages in the world.

Rosetta Stone language classes have been used by companies for more than 25 years and have become a means of confidence for adults and children to learn second or more languages. Rosetta Stone also has a unique program for homeschoolers. Rosetta Stone operates mainly by immersion. The lessons are thematic, for example, "greetings and introductions" and "job and school." Their patented speech recognition motor helps users correct themselves and improve their pronunciation. 

Native speakers also deliver additional coaching services.

Rosetta Stone runs on and off your mobile device. Subscribers can also download classes on their devices.

Suitable age- Learners of all ages.  

Compatible with-iOs and Android 

Price -It comes with a trial version and ranges from £174.50/month to £239.00/lifetime.  

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an award-winning application system developed by linguistic scholars. It teaches nearly 70 languages. The app concentrates on speech and auditory understanding. Students listen to conversations among native speakers, who teach vocabulary, listening comprehension, grammar, pronunciation and culture. In addition, users can use voice recognition and analytics technology to refine the pronunciation of words.

People can access Mango Languages online or offline. It also includes placement tests and monitoring of progress. Additionally, each account can accommodate up to five different learners.

Suitable age- 6+ years. 

Price- Mango Languages comes with two-week trial programmes and ranges from $7.99 / MONTH to $17.99/month. 

Compatible with- iOS and Android

Do try these amazing apps.  

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