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Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every school in the world has had no option but to adapt to remote teaching quickly. From finding the right online teaching platforms to resources, teachers have had difficulty finding the right solutions.

Annotating videos is one of them. Most teachers worldwide complain about the difficulty of adding annotations to their videos to teach children. According to them, there are a lot of tools and ways to annotate images, but they seldom find a great tool when it comes to video. However, to help them, we brought in some excellent tools to help add annotates in videos. You can add annotations to any online video with an easy-to-use video editor with these tools. You can draw, add text, pictures, progress bars, arrows, or more!

Let's check them out:


One of the most practical tools, ReClipped, allows you to take notes, share notes and share snippets of educational videos. ReClipped blends the finest aspects of TurboNote,, and Pinterest in a smooth system. With a ReClipped account, you can easily cut sections from videos you find on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Coursera, and TED. In addition, you can create time-stamped notes on videos that you clip. The Pinterest look of ReClipped appears if you choose to share your videos and notes on board. ReClipped boards can be shared publicly or kept private.

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Turbonote is a Chrome plug-in that you can use to take notes while watching a video. To make notes, students must click the TurboNote extension icon in their browser and start writing notes in the menu on the right side of the screen. All notes entered by students are automatically time-stamped. Notes can be edited when the video is playing or when the video is paused. All notes can be shared through social media and e-mail.

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Another excellent and newest annotation tool is Timelinely. It helps to mark up videos hosted on YouTube. To use Timelinely, you need to copy a YouTube URL to the Timeline homepage, to begin with. After entering the video URL, a new screen appears that lets you add tags or annotations to the video timeline. You can do this while the video is playing or skip to an area on the video to add annotations. Annotations may include text and images.

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With VideoANT, everyone can add annotations to any publicly accessible YouTube video. To do so, copy the URL for a video and paste it into the VideoANT annotation tool. Then, as the video continues to play, click the "add annotation" button to add an annotation. For others to check in with you, send them the VideoANT link.

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BookmarkIt is a free Chrome extension that can solve a problem many people face by trying to show students just a specific portion of a video. This problem is having to scroll along the timeline of a YouTube video to find out where you want to share. Bookmark This allows you to add timed bookmarks and notes to a video's timeline. After adding your bookmarks and notes, you can send them back directly from the Bookmark extension.

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Pinterest for Videos

Pinterest has now a service where you can pin the videos you stumble upon online. You can organize them into visually appealing pinboards and access them whenever you want.

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Another great tool that allows you to bookmark videos across the web and mobile and watch it later on your browser, Apple TV, iOS, or Android devices. To begin using, you need to get the browser extensions, save videos and watch them later on any suitable device. Add a Vookmark. It also allows you to curate your favorite videos in one place.

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Video Annotation & Bookmarking

Using the video annotation & bookmarking tool, you can create annotations and add in-video bookmarks from YouTube, Vimeo, Coursera, and many other platforms. This plug-in allows you to watch videos on YouTube and other sites and create personal in-video bookmarks, annotations and comments that you can later share with your students and friends.


With Annoto, you can turn your video content consumption from passive individual watching to an active, social and collaborative experience. This tool integrates virtually any website to plug in the existing video player. It provides innovative UX for threaded discussions and call-to-action interactions during the video, increasing user engagement and collaboration.

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Do try these amazing tools and let us know your experience!

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