How To Boost Compliance Training With An LMS

Compliance training can be a pain in the neck for many companies.

Employers might consider it a distraction from the main business tasks that furthermore require additional costs. And employees may treat it like extra work and useless formality. However, since compliance training is a legal requirement for many businesses, there’s no way to escape it. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help you make the training process smooth and efficient. And one of them is a learning management system or LMS.

An LMS allows you to keep all your learning content organized in a single place, manage your employees, and track their progress and results.

In addition to basic LMS options, some platforms, iSpring Learn, for example, have capabilities that let you make compliance training even easier and more effective.

Let’s see what iSpring Learn LMS can offer.

Flexible company structure

iSpring Learn enables you to organize your employees into a tree-like hierarchy of branches and departments. This is especially helpful if you want to enrol people from various departments into different compliance courses or if you have dispersed teams working in various countries or states where different laws rule. 

Automated course assignment

With iSpring Learn, you can enrol your employees into a course either manually by name or automatically, by setting specific rules. For instance, you can make it so that all your new team members added to a “New Hires” group or existing employees who have changed a position in the system are automatically assigned to the compliance training program. 

Recurring enrollments

In most cases, compliance training is repetitive practice. It typically has a set timeframe and an expiry date, so the staff needs to be recertified periodically. Not to enrol employees manually each time, you can set up automatic course re-enrollments. The LMS will send your employees automated notifications before their current certificate expires and assign them to retrain without your involvement. 


Robust tracking and reporting

iSpring Learn allows you to stay on top of employees’ results. It has a whole set of reports that will provide you with key metrics to measure your compliance training and evaluate learners. For example, you can track how many of your users have started and finished courses, and how many are overdue, as well as their individual scores, attempts and answer breakdowns, user feedback, and more. 


Quick filters and easy customization options can help you get targeted reports. Even better, you can schedule periodic reports and set up who should receive them. The recipient will get reports even when you are away.

Mobile learning

Compliance training is often a time-consuming chore. Providing employees with the flexibility of accessing the content wherever and whenever they want to can make the training process much more pleasant, and find the time for it less challenging. That is why mobile learning is one of the most popular training delivery methods in the corporate sphere today. 

iSpring Learn will help you seamlessly integrate learning into the daily routine of your employees. It comes with iOS and Android mobile apps that enable learners to take courses on their smartphones and tablets regardless of the location or the time of day.

Engagement tools

Compliance training is all about rules, specifications, and regulations, so anyone can hardly find it exciting. However, you can make it more engaging and motivating for your employees by leveraging specific LMS capabilities. 

One way to do this is to use gamification. In iSpring Learn LMS, you can award your team members with points and badges when they complete courses and tests and create leaderboards to motivate them for better results. 


Another way to engage your staff is with the help of certificates. You can easily set up the system to automatically award certificates upon completion of compliance training.


Compliance training is often mandatory and not very exciting. But using the LMS, you can make the process much easier for yourself and more enjoyable for learners. The right platform will do most of the administrative work and reporting for you and provide employees with the possibility of learning anytime and anywhere and engaging them with gamification. 

If you need an LMS that is perfectly suited for compliance training, check out iSpring Learn. Sign up for a free 30-day trial right away.

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