How Does Online School Support Skill Development?

How Does Online School Support Skill Development?

Skill development through online schooling has seen momentum in the past few years especially post the COVID phase.

The world is increasingly becoming smaller in this internet and tech age, where school education is impacted majorly. It is experiencing some new arenas altogether. Online schooling in India has been increasing both domain-wise and soft skills-wise. They have also begun implementing the online teaching technique where students' overall curriculum, syllabus, and skill development are thoroughly cared for.

With the adoption of online schools, many parents can keep a close watch over their child's skill development like communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc.

In parts of the world, many online schools provide developed K-12 education. Here K is the Kindergarten, whereas (12) is in 1st to 12 Grade. K-12 education offers your child a full-fledged online school learning experience with an online setup from nursery till grade 12.

21K School is one such online school that enables your child to discover its hidden talent and skills with the help of virtual one-on-one tutoring. They help your child in mastering the art of succeeding in academics in the comfort of home under your guidance. Along with this, the school also provides your child with K-12 education.

Speaking of online schools, they can be of great support as far as your child's education and skill development are concerned. Let us understand them in detail.

Personal Attention & Guidance

Students today, as you all know, are well versed with technology and how to feed through study materials online. Self-studying online is good, but your child requires personal guidance for better learning and skill development. Being at home and learning can be advantageous as you can help your child identify his strengths and weaknesses.  

In a physical classroom, your child may not receive the needed attention. However, with the help of online learning, this concern is taken care of very well. The foremost guidance is given to a child by his parents at home. Therefore, your attention to your child's performance is a must during their learning process online. Also, one-on-one interaction between a student and a teacher can develop your child’s problem-solving skills.

Group Conversations

Online learning has proved to be the best platform for group interactions and discussions. Your child can interact with your teachers and classmates to solve queries related to the syllabus. Chat rooms and emails are the sources through which they can connect to their teachers. This way, they can improve their interpersonal and communication skills.

Improves Memory Skills

Online schools are limited to not just online tutoring and discussions but also make you understand your syllabus and curriculum through images, videos, documentaries, charts, diagrams, etc. Learning in this form becomes easier, and your child can easily crack problems related to equations, enabling your child to memorise that particular topic smoothly. This helps your child to remember information for a longer period.

When students have the flexibility to select the content as per their choice, learning becomes effective and interesting. There is no time constraint to learn and derive ideas from it. Your child is free to choose multiple convenient and comfortable tools in their learning process.

Technical Skills

With online learning in an online school, your child gets a platform to get acquainted with many online tools that cater to your child’s online learning experience. With analytics and reporting tools, your child can automate the marking system subject-wise and perform online tests to review their performance progress. You don’t have to wait for a school teacher to review your child’s tests and give results. Geographical boundaries bind neither you nor your child. Resources are available across the world.

Therefore, online learning skills are necessary for schools where communication, collaboration, and browsing information for learning are concerned, which the online school provides. All this helps your child know how to create and share documents and use the right video and audio materials for his projects.

Improved Time Management Skills

While the students have the flexibility to liberate themselves with studies at their convenience, they still need to be with time, as they are entitled to submit their projects and assignments within the stipulated time. For that, they need to manage time wisely to make sure they submit their homework within the deadline given to them by their teacher.

This helps your child become punctual and learn to complete their work within the time frame given to them, thereby improving his time management skills.

Immediate Feedback and Support

Online learning platform helps your child to get immediate feedback on their performance. Based on the given feedback, he can work on the mistakes and receive feedback again on his re-performance. Many online schools have feedback and support tools to help your child determine their strengths and weaknesses. You, too, can keep track of their test performance and progress.

Even teachers benefit from this online learning platform, where they can simply create assignments, quizzes, test papers, and projects with the help of a questionnaire that already exists. An automated mechanism for marking students' assignments and tests makes the job of teachers easy. Hence, a real-time support mechanism at such times is possible only on an online learning platform.

Online learning is needed especially today when the world has switched itself to remote mode. As your child grows to his secondary classes in school, they expect increased personal attention and guidance for a better learning experience and growth. Your child requires diversified learning due to the increased pressure of performing well in exams and getting high grades.

Online learning also makes you an independent learner right from a young age so that he doesn’t suffer much academically when he enters college. Here your child is exposed to a wide range of study materials through various online resources that help prepare with his test preparations without any hassle.

Organizations like 21K School offer a similar set of learning experiences for your child right from nursery to 12th grade. The school is an activity-based experiential learning platform that assists its students with an easy-to-understand visual learning experience, virtual labs & simulations, video interactions, workbooks for written work, individual personal mentoring, problem solving/fun class experience, AI-powered online tests, etc. They also assist your child with subject textbooks/workbooks delivered to your home, virtual library.

Moreover, being a part of this school will expose your child to learning from various subject experts, real-life achievers, and trained, experienced, and skilled teachers who shall bring a sense of enthusiasm and willingness to learn and absorb information. Conferences and online events will introduce your child to new topics, discussions, and improved communication.

Effective learning, skilful progressiveness, and self-independence are all that your child needs. You are the best guide to your child and your child's future.

About the Author
Author: Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal
Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal is the Co-Founder & Director at 21K School, which redefines the schooling experience by blurring all physical barriers to create a community of global children driven by a passion to learn.

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