An Easy-to-Use Authoring Tool For Designing Courses Like A Pro

Online courses have gained recognition worldwide, and if you’re entering this field, you’re probably looking for a pain-free way to create courses best suited for your application.

Luckily, not all course authoring tools are too complex to master.

Both eLearning newbies and seasoned L&D professionals can develop great courses with quizzes, interactive role-plays, audio, video, and web objects using PowerPoint-based tools. In this article, you’ll learn about one of them – iSpring Suite.

iSpring Suite tool includes features that enable you to create multimedia courses and assessments straight out of the box.


Create courses from existing PPT slides

You can make an online course from a regular PPT presentation. Everyone who ever used PowerPoint already knows how to work with iSpring Suite. It aligns with the ‘what you see is what you get’ principle. Plus, as an add-in to PowerPoint, iSpring Suite won’t require a large storage capacity or powerful hardware, which is perfect for public sectors and beginning instructional designers.   

iSpring Suite can convert anything into eLearning quickly and without a hitch. For example, you can take your Word files or PDFs and transform them into interactive HTML5 books that can be shared and viewed in any browser. 

If you use a learning management system, you can be sure that courses made with iSpring Suite will display in your LMS perfectly. iSpring Suite is compatible with more than 150 LMSs and can convert learning materials to SCORM, cmi5, and xAPI eLearning standards.

Add engaging knowledge checks

iSpring Suite combines a user-friendly interface with powerful authoring capabilities. For instance, you can build courses with 14 different types of quiz questions, including drag-and-drop, sequence, and hotspot. Choose any of them from ready-made templates and add them to your PPT presentation to engage learners and assess their knowledge.


Develop communication skills with interactive role-plays

If it’s a priority to train learners on soft skills or recommended behaviour patterns in any given situation, use iSpring Suite to build interactive role-plays. For example, role-plays can help you train employees on sales techniques, objection handling, and conflict management to improve customer service and boost sales. 


The process of creating role-play scenarios in iSpring Suite is completely accessible and doesn’t require coding skills. You can easily set branching scenarios to send learners to a needed slide depending on their choice and select characters and locations to immerse learners into the context of a given scenario.

Interactive role-plays are especially helpful if you don’t have enough time and space to facilitate group work or don’t want to risk sending unprepared learners to interact with real clients yet. Such scenario-based exercises stimulate learners to practice their communication skills, memorize sales techniques, or learn to make important decisions in a safe-to-fail digital environment. 

Educate and engage through video

With iSpring Suite, you can easily record video lectures, watch-and-repeat tutorials, software simulations, and other visual content - even using an ordinary webcam on your laptop. Record yourself and place the video as a picture-in-picture clip into your course to support learners with your narration. Or you can add a voice-over to your course and use iSpring Suite to synchronize voice and video slides. All these functions are available in the familiar PowerPoint interface and don’t require extra video editing software. 


For course creators with any level of tech proficiency, iSpring Suite provides all the features needed to accomplish eLearning projects on time and meet the needs of their company or customers.  

  • Meaningful assessments. iSpring Suite provides a wide range of knowledge checks and adjustable quiz settings so you can create graded quizzes, set feedback options, etc.    
  • Engaging interactions. iSpring Suite lets you make game-based interactive training materials and go beyond simple multiple-choice questions.
  • Built-in video studio.  You can record video tutorials, screencasts, and picture-in-picture videos and edit them hassle-free.
  • Interactive role-plays.  You can create role-play simulations to let employees practise communication skills in a digital environment.  
  • Extensive publishing options. iSpring Suite allows you to publish courses in SCORM, xAPI, and cmi5 and upload them as videos directly to YouTube. For mobile learning, it supports conversion to HTML5 content. 
  • Playback on all devices.  Courses display well on PCs, smartphones, and tablets, keeping all effects intact.  

Utilize all the power of iSpring Suite to turn your PPT presentation into a compelling online course! If you need a hint on how to map out your course to address learning needs most effectively, download this eLearning storyboard template today – it’s free!

About the Author
Author: Sofia Green
Sofia is committed to eLearning and lifelong learning, and transmits this passion through her texts. She loves to put complex processes and notions into simple words. At iSpring, Sofia finds her spark writing on eLearning theory and practice.

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