Connected Educators Month (CEM)- Helping Educators Thrive in a Connected World
 Social networking platforms and online communities help thousands of educators explore, exchange and share ideas that enhance education. When compared to information gathering, it is collaboration that results in a greater achievement. But many of the
 institutions’ educators and administrators are still not recognizing the importance of this essential professional learning which comes through communication. To make educators aware of all these strategies, the U.S. Department of Education convened the first Connected Educator Month in August 2012. The highlights of the inaugural event are as follows.

170+ education organizations, companies and communities involved

450+ events and activities provided/offered/mounted

250,000+ references to the event across the Internet (growing to nearly 500,000 two months after the event)

4 million+ followers of the #ce12 hashtag by the end of the month.

With this huge success, the U.S. Department of Education has decided to conduct a second Connected Educator Month in the coming October 2013 to connect more educators from around the world, strengthen the knowledge of those who are already connected and stimulate collaboration in professional development. The vision behind 2nd CEM is to help districts promote and integrate online social learning in their formal professional development.


Making It Count: Integrating Social Learning Into Formal PD: This is the main vision of CEM because they believe in the fact that collaboration drives to professional development.

Connected Leadership

Personalized Learning

Innovating STEM and Literacy

From Connection to Collaboration

21st Century Classroom Management

Participation Details:

CEM welcomes educators at all levels, all you need to do is to sign up for this event. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be receiving regular updates about it. The features of this program are as follows:

Participants can register and attend highly interactive webinar and other real-time events that are headlined by education, technology, and community leaders.

CEM includes forums on key education and community issues.

Showcases, open houses, launches, exhibits, collaborative projects, polls and other special activities which you can partake.

You can enter contests, earn badges, plus other resources ranging from starter kits to book clubs and classes to help you join the world of connected education to become more connected with people across the world.

Participating Organizations:

There are more than 75 great organizations are participating in CEM program. Few of them are as follows.







US Department of Education

And many more.

Highlights of CEM 2013 Schedule:

22nd September: STEM and STEAM Twitter Chat                Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST

Educators can exchange new ideas that enhance student learning in the areas of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) using the Twitter hashtag #plpnetwork . We @etr_in are going to extract quality tweets for our readers. You may follow us to get updates.

23rd September:   Learn More About StudySync Introductory Product Tour Webinar

In this free 35-minute webinar for both educators and administrators, StudySync's, Diana Crew will be demonstrating how StudySync can improve reading and writing for grades 2 - 12.

Time: 4:00 PM to 4:40 PM EST.

24th September: Intel Teach Live: Appy-Tizer Review & Getting Started with Global Gateway for Teachers

From 26th September, there will be numerous events on each day. You can find the schedule here. The program will be commencing by the 12th of November. The whole program will be helpful to enhance the education system, student achievement as well as professional development. We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great event commencing shortly. We’d like to know about how you’re going to participate in this program! We’ll always be there to provide more updates about this program. Please feel free to ask queries.

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