eLearningTags.com - Social Bookmarking Site for E-Learning Professionals

eLearningTags.com - Social Bookmarking Site for E-Learning Professionals
Content curation is the process of discovering, organizing and sharing quality online content. As we know there are numerous resources online for any topic, so, content curation becomes a key component in the process of learning. Content curation follows 5 steps basically from collecting the most relevant resources to organizing historical information by time.

Why content curation is important?

  • Content curation brings insights or key points to the forefront.
  • It ensures quality of content and ease of understanding of a particular topic.
  • It distills vast information and builds authority.

Great learning starts from curating great content. Especially for e-learning professionals and other educational stakeholders, content curation is at heart.

And today, we all do realize the importance of social learning, a part of which is Social bookmarking. Now, just imagine how effective it would be if you’ve an online platform to explore, bookmark, exchange and share the best curated e-learning content. ELearningTags makes your dream come true by bringing a great content platform which allows social bookmarking. Let’s know more about it.

ELearning Tags is a social bookmarking site which allows users to discover, share, vote and discuss interesting and remarkable content related to e-Learning field.


ELearning Tags brings you great e-Learning resources from an innovative community of more than 78000 eLearning professionals. It follows tag-based segregation for re-arranging the curated content so that users can easily search for the content in a specific category. The following are the 12 category tags eLearningTags has:


Instructional Design

Authoring Tools



Social Learning







Pick up the Best one:

Once you’ve entered your inquiry in the search bar, ELearningTags immediately displays numerous results most relevant to it. It shows you the number of votes which are rated by other e-Learning professionals and also enables you to vote for the content you find better. By seeing the number of votes, users can easily find the best content for reference.


Collaborate with authors as well as other e-Learning professionals, by joining the discussions related to your area of interest, since exchange of information leads to innovation. On the top right-hand corner of the page, it displays a list of top users. Users can follow to get updates whenever they post content. You can also send and receive messages from other users and discuss with them publicly on their posts.


Make presentations, articles, infographics, events, etc., as your favorites. Share your researches with your friends, students, colleagues and family with just a few clicks.

Submit a new story:

If you find a content interesting, bookmark it with eLearningTags so that it helps other learners know about it. Paste the URL, choose a category, enter the few details namely, description, title and tags, upload an image and submit it. It’ll be published after approval.

On the top right, there is a menu called “My News”, where you can see the content that is submitted, published, favorited, voted and commented upon. It also gives ranks and scores to users for their activities.

We hope this information is useful for you to know about “ELearningTags”, the first e-Learning social bookmarking site that helps users discover and share great curated content and collaborate with a huge community of e-Learning professionals.

Feel free to share what you loved about this tool in the comment box. 


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