[Infographic] Busting Myths About Online Learning
Online learning offers a break to traditional classroom and brings individualized learning in the field of education. With online education, one can choose from a wide range of courses, schools and colleges. As online learning opportunities grow, so does
 the body of evidence that it replaces outdated myths with a more realistic picture of student and teacher experiences with online learning. Digital Learning recently published an infographic entitled “Busting Myths about Online Education”. Here are few details mentioned from this infographic:

Advantages of online learning:

Individualization: A method of instruction in which content, instructional technology (such as materials) and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interests of each individual learner.

Motivation: Online learning engages students by providing them with great collaboration tools.

Equalization: Anyone can learn from anywhere and at any time just with a mobile device and Internet connection.

Comparison between myth and reality:

Some people think that students don’t take online learning seriously, but studies have proved that online learning engages students more.

It is challenging and often includes meeting in-person.

With online learning, students engage with challenging subjects and frequent interactions.

Parents and educators consider online learning as one of the greatest ways to improve student learning.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Infographic also includes “Drivers of Online learning”. The pictorial representation of the infographic is as follows.


this infographic originally appeared here .

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