Why engVid is an Amazing Resource for English Language Learners

In this age of globalization, English language has emerged as a clear winner in providing a mode of communication for various people of different ethnicity.  Learning English online is an easier and effective tool to quickly grasp the fundamentals and start

 conversing. There are a lot of websites for learning English online yet engVid has managed to create a name for itself among the audience. The Big question is why?

Watching a useful English teaching video is similar to attending a lecture in a school or college. As compared to reading, watching videos is more appealing to the senses and alongside, one can also learn the correct pronunciation of the words.

This has proved to be the forte of engVid as it is full of videos for English learners. One can find videos on commonly used English expressions in day to day life, common grammatical mistakes as well as tips for using slang, phrasal verbs, and other common expressions.

There is also a substantial amount of content for the English teachers and students preparing for various standardized exams such as IELTS, TOFEL etc.

Each video is categorized by beginner, intermediate or advanced level so one can easily organize his learning as per his needs. After each video one can take a quiz to keep track of his understanding of the topic. One can also interact with others in the community to ask questions or clear their doubts.

But, the best thing about engVid is its fluently persuasive, articulate and astute instructors. Learning from them seems like having a conversation with a friend because of their prudent ways of teaching. Even the examples that they discuss with you are more contemporary in nature rather than being conventional.  Thus engVid provides its users more exposure to the practically wise and street smart English rather than archaic or obsolete one, which is essential these days in order to be more confident and persuasive in your formal as well as informal conversations.

The appearance of the website is also pretty pleasing to the eye as they avoid usage of flashy colors and graphic, instead they have given the website a much subtle, trendy and youngish appearance.

Scrolling through the website is also an easy task for a user as one gets plenty of options, in which videos are categorized, in the drop down menu on top of the website. One such categorisation is based on the instructors, thus making it fairly simpler for its users to access all the videos and other content posted by their favorite instructors with the blink of an eye.

EngVid shows extreme professionalism in maintaining the quality of the content that they offer and also provide suitable videos on demand of its users. Thus to make the most of the time its users spend on the website, it also suggests its users various approaches, to provide a proper channel to their learning experience. They also suggest you how to begin, how to continue learning based on your schedule, tips for improving and memorizing new words for your vocabulary etc.

Videos based on practical scenarios are quite a rage among its users, for e.g. if someone has to visit a dentist, all he has to do is go through the video “ Visiting a dentist” to learn about the basic conversations that may take place there, and he will be good to go, its really that simple.

To sum it up, engvid is a comprehensive and a reliable source for learning English online as it not only facilitates you in informal conversations but also provides valuable assistance for formal conversations as well.  


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