Will Online Education Replace Teachers?

Will Online Education Replace Teachers?

In today’s fast paced technologically enhanced world where we get information, education and entertainment all available to us in a click of a button, where all the technology is converging into our palm and we can do all our study work through the 

internet! Keeping time and space in mind, a lot of questions arise in that the process. 

Is it possible?

This is a catch twenty-two situation as it happening that students are opting for online degrees instead of going to an institution to acquire them but thenthe majority still goes to institutions whether they can afford it or take up a financial loan.

Though it is very much possible but it is also very difficult to remove classrooms. It is as hard as remaking all the rules of a country from scratch


Will we really be requiring teachers and traditional classrooms?

Although it is true that there are many Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC) that are providing free courses on different topic these days, and the advantages of studying online has numerous ways to begin with. It is cheap in comparison to the traditional classrooms and the student being able to study whatever s/he wants to learn and not be dragged along with the teacher’s guided specific syllabus. But, saying all this we cannot remove the classrooms and the teachers as the basic required knowledge and the most important human skills are imbibed from the classroom. Without being in a class room the students cannot learn decorum ever also classrooms are a very pivotal point for socializing for students. Plus the most vital thing that a classroom environment teaches us is to be competitive in life and strive for more and learn how to take failures in public and build yourself up from there.

With the fall of economy and the rise of Massive Open Online Courses how will the teachers sustain?

When there’s a drop in the economy, that may be the case when people will prefer to opt for MOOC over traditional classrooms as it is more economical but then again teachers will have to be there either in the class room or on the other end of the cyber class a teacher will be required to help the student manage the queries.

Is it better for the parents?

In these cases we can say that it is better as through online education the parents can be more involved in the students’ work and can monitor the progress, not only that the can also keep a tab on the child’s activities and this will prevent happenings such as bunking of classes .

Though online education is the latest buzz around is it feasible for all to shift from class rooms to monitor screens?

In many cases around the world it is not virtually possible to have a computer passed out or bought by every child for the sole reason that people that are living in poverty will find it much more economical to send their child to the rural school that is run by NGO’s and NPO’s than to buy a laptop or a PC for their child and provide them with education when the cant even provide themselves clothes and proper shelter.

Are the teachers doing anything about this?

Nowadays the teachers have realized the importance of the internet and are making use of it to make the classes more interesting and are using all the mediums available to them to make the classes more interesting and the assignments more challenging. No longer are the classes just marked with books and chalks but are building up into power point presentations, field work assignments and the students are asked to research about the various subjects being taught by them. So yes they are trying to make learning less of a monotonous process for the students.

Will students be able to learn without a classroom atmosphere?

This is one question that depends on the student and the passion s/he carries, whether in a classroom or in front of the monitor who wants to learn will learn, but then again we have seen students perform better during self-studies because no one can teach you what to do and how to learn, it is something that comes from within. So to learn they can learn but through the internet they will learn faster as it is an interactive medium.

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Author: Sidhikka Bajpai
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