PolarFishBooks: Communicate, Create and Connect with Great Digital Reading Resources

PolarFishBooks: Communicate, Create and Connect with Great Digital Reading Resources

Polar Fish is an online publishing house for schools. It serves as an English fiction resource for international schools, with all books printed and distributed by one of Europe’s leading publishers. It also makes available audio books and other apps for

enhanced interaction.

It has become significant today to enrich a student’s educational and cultural life for which their increased participation in guided forums is required, where students can practice their first or second language skills as well as other intellectual skills in a real way along with other students from across the world. Polar Fish’s philosophy is to introduce the wider world into the learning process from the very beginning.

Polar Fish was formed by a group of writers, teachers, publishers, designers and editors from countries like U.K, U.S.A and Sweden. Its goal is to provide interactive books to schools worldwide at a very affordable price meant to reduce the school’s fiction budget. It enables classes with mixed language abilities to use the same text, and with technology embedded in every book even readers who don’t have the same language skills can keep up equally well with the story.

On this site, you’ll find books and exercises for students aged 7-14, with Fantasy, Horror, Crime and Friendship genres. The age ranges are recommended in the catalogue by each novel. The work focus is designed to fit in with the U.K and American educational practices and requirements.

Here’s how you can get started with Polar Fish:

  • Go to the Store and choose a subscription from among Teacher’s Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each subscription offers different levels of access to the site’s materials and resources. Also, special offers if any are highlighted along with the plans.
  • Once you’ve signed-up, a license key is sent to your email’s inbox which you have to use to register your account and access the resources that come with your offer.
  • Share your license key with your students to allow them to access the books. Moreover, the showcase and forum are designed for secure use.
  • Next, choose the book you want to work with, through the catalogue. The genres on the front page have shortcuts for the book you select.
  • Additional information is available in the catalogue. Here books are split according to genre and age-range. You can also see a brief ‘blurb’ about the story and links to the exercises and dyslexic reader versions.
  • Once you have selected a book and before you read it, try to indulge yourself in discussions, internet work and vocab building to enhance your teaching skills.
  • This can be done through themes present at the front of each book, which you can explore to discuss and learn new words. Build your vocab with fun word games and drag-and-drop feedback.
  • Check your progress and reinforce learning from the central exercise base.
  • Now, as you read a chapter of a book, you’ll find as you read exercises at the end of each chapter. These include simple comprehension quizzes, vocab builders and narrative games to get students involved with every story they read.
  • Discussion points are included so that before the start of a new chapter students can engage into discussions with other students or teachers to facilitate interactive learning.
  • It also includes graphic novel components to tell every story differently which is ideal for reluctant readers and those with visual propensity.
  • When you have finished reading a book, you will find in its end after reading exercises. They include character analysis, role-plays and movies.
  • These exercises also analyze text with reviews and imaginative continuance questions. You can continue the story with alternate endings or create your own.
  • You can create movies and reviews from which the site shortlists the best and showcases them.
  • The after reading exercises are best suited for highly motivated students or those with a more narrative focus.
  • Likewise you can read books and get the most out of them for yourself and your students.

Teachers can also submit their work which may be written or audio. They can also try exercises without having to start reading a book for the same. Feedback of users is also welcome by the site.

Polar Fish offers 16 interactive e-books for the whole school, which provide a simple, seamless reading experience. It is a perfect platform for homework and guided learning. Its cutting edge technology provides an utmost friendly user interface that you’ll ever come across. The books are supported with hundreds of exercises, games and graphics: movie-scripts, discussions, role-plays and quizzes. It also provides differentiation support for dyslexic, reluctant and advanced readers.  New and established authors are added to it every month. It also provides subscription for parents, which they can purchase to access books along with their two children. It is simply the best English fiction resource out.

I recommend Polar Fish to all the schools, teachers, parents and students out there, to avail of the services of this wonderful website. It facilitates the use of technology in the classroom and supports interactive and personalized learning. So, sign-up, click on a book and indulge in it. If you seek any clarifications, further knowledge or wish to share your own knowledge with us then please go ahead. The Comment Box awaits you.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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