LearnBIG - Find Your Best Educational Resources Easily

LearnBIG - Find Your Best Educational Resources Easily

Online learning has been on high rise since the past few years. There are a number of websites and tools which provide students with the opportunity to learn without even attending a class lecture.

There are numerous educational resources for a variety

of subjects available online and this is what makes it complex for resource seekers to search for what they exactly want and also distinguish between credible and non-credible sources of information. LearnBIG.com is a site that makes searching for online educational resources easy. It is dedicated to transforming education by combining the power of technology, community and ease of use for all types of learners. With LearnBIG you have access to tens of thousands of online courses, educational games, videos and more, for everyone who wants to learn, be it a Pre-K child or a professional.

You can filter resources by subject, level, media, device, and even learning style, making it quick and easy to find exactly what meets your needs. And, because it’s user-rated, you have an entire community of parents and learners sharing their experience with the best tools out there. LearnBIG strives to become the most comprehensive, relevant and trusted brand for online learning and training resources and believes that regardless of income, age or location everyone should have access to educational resources and tools that they need to succeed in whatever field they chose.

LearnBIG provides a search engine specifically for educational content that can track down more than 14,000 learning resources, some free, others paid. Users can search by subject, grade, format, platform, cost, and standard. Other features of LearnBIG are:

  • Tools for parents, teachers and students to rate and review content.
  • Content collections, which allow users to find and save resources based on grade, learning style and age group.
  • Career Paths, intended for high school and college students, which targets materials to specific careers.

Users can sign in with their Twitter, Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts or fill up a simple signup form to create their own LearnBig.com profile. Though you can explore the site without creating an account, one of the advantages of creating an account is that you can rate, review and create resource collections which are very helpful for classroom use, since a teacher can create such collections and share them with their students. On getting to the site, you’ll be presented with a main screen, from here you can search for resources, see what resources are most launched, sign in to your personal account or simply click on ‘start exploring’ to browse for resources with filters. After you select your filter or conduct a search, you can organize resources as well. On finding a resource, click on it to view its details, from here you can read other users’ reviews about the resource, see the description of the resource and add it to your personal collection as well.

The feature of LearnBIG that stands out is the ‘Career Paths’. With this tab, you can find a list of skills needed for specific careers, and on clicking them you can find great online resources related to them for learning. LearnBIG also provides a space for community, where you can review and rate resources, create and share collections of your favorites, and follow others with similar educational goals or interests. As a result of this, your searches are now more optimized and you get exactly what you want without wasting extra time and effort. LearnBIG gives you three major powers, and these are its biggest advantages, they’re listed below:

  • The power of Quantity: From Math games to History videos to online courses in Philosophy; LearnBIG is abode to numerous resources on a variety of subjects and that too of credible quality.
  • The power of Discovery: It gives you the ability to search for resources filtered by grades, difficulty, subjects, platform, popularity and more.
  • The power of Community: It allows you to utilize expertise of others to find the best resources, share personal collections and follow other people of its community.

Students can use LearnBIG to search for study aids, take quizzes and play educational games to prepare for their courses. Educators can use LearnBIG to get curricula and lesson modules, practice modules and teaching aids and for anyone else who wishes to learn, LearnBIG has professional development modules available which they can use to enhance and practice skills or pursue interests and curiosity. LearnBIG can help teachers guide their students to use learning materials for after-school learning. Students can learn to be self-sufficient and learn with minimal aid of their teachers with the high quality content available on LearnBIG. Resources can be sorted by Common Core State Standards to ensure they match what students are learning in school. The site also offers SAT prep courses and massive open online courses (MOOCs) provided by universities.

In this day, classroom education just isn’t enough for many people. When you think about the increasing costs of higher education, the skills needed to be successful in the corporate world, and the unevenness of K-12 education, you end up seeking other options for education apart from traditional education. LearnBIG makes these modern educational possibilities come true with the latest technology and a community of educated contributors. Share your views and knowledge with us. The Comment Box is waiting.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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