5 Great Tools Which Allow Students to Connect to Professionals

5 Great Tools Which Allow Students to Connect to Professionals

LinkedIn : It is the world’s largest professional network which offers opportunitiestopeople to connect with professionals around the world. Students can join LinkedIn to connecttopeople, jobs, news, updates and insights that can help them in a lot of ways. Students can form connections with professionals such as recruiters, potential partners and prospective employers who can offer them with career opportunities. They can connect with professionals on LinkedIn starting from professionals they individually know. This can be done by sending invites to their Email contacts who are already on LinkedIn, or going to their school page, to find schoolmates. Students can join professional groups, to post updates about trends in their career and connect with professionals who have similar skills and interests.

Transtutors : It aims to bridge the gap between learners and education providers by blending technology with academics. It is a platform to connect students with experts across the world, to make education available to students beyond classrooms. It helps students to understand academic concepts, aid them with diverse and credible resources covering questions and answers, study notes, online lectures and providing them with most accurate solved assignments.Transtutorsinvitesexperts from universities, colleges and other educational institutions to collaborate and provide free or low-cost online help to students. It brings educators, learners and educational resources in an environment which operates 24*7. Thousands of subject matter experts, including professors, lecturers and professionals from different industries across the globe, are ready to help students through this common platform.

True professionals set examples by being leaders who never stop learning throughout their lives and never shy away from disseminating knowledge to help the students and learners out there to be career ready. There are a lot of professionals out there, available to serve the purpose, what’s needed is for schools and other educational institutions to encourage their studentsto connectto them and avail of their help and services. Share your views and knowledge. The Comment Box awaits you.


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