Why teachers need to learn from students?

Why teachers need to learn from students?

Now days with the advancement in technology and integration of technology with education students are getting more high tech and savvy when it comes to learning. They prefer to have more interactive classes which involves technology and education both

 amalgamated together for better learning. But unfortunately for the teachers it is not possible to do so as the present scenario of their comfort zone is being pushed dramatically. Teachers are and have not been accustomed to a life of technology life the present generation of students is and hence a problem in learning arises.

Teachers find it hard to accustom to the new requirements of the students. Teachers still believe in old school methods of taking down notes and narrating point, of giving homework which is to be submitted handwritten and not use any application available and do work by traditional methods. Though presently we find that even in boardrooms and meeting the concept of using tablets and laptops to write is being followed and for students to either record or type the lecture is much more convenient then writing. Plus through integration of technology in the class rooms e.g. Projectors and using video tutorials and power point presentations/word documents etc from these students are able to grasp more knowledge.

Schools are now giving in programs to get teachers to learn about technology and students are the one who are there to teach them. There is a role reversal of the mentor and the mentee in this case as the students are best aware of what is supposed to be done with the technology available and what is supposed to be used by the teacher according to her limitations and subjects

Technologies that students like in class :-

• Video and data

• Whiteboard

• Videos

• Internet

• Overhead projectors

Advantages that are changing learning pattern :-

1) Students pay more attention to the material to be learned

2) More active learning

3) Diversified teaching methods

4) Better student retention

5) Less time and energy

6) Beneficial for the teacher in the long run

Students also have a linking of using to connect with the teachers outside of the classrooms using technology, may it be via blogs or social mediums or through gadgets. There is a rise in the use and requirement of teachers to use technology and students are willing to help them learn by providing necessary and periodic feedbacks.

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Author: Sidhikka Bajpai
Sidhikka Bajpai is a blogger and loves to read and write about the new age learning and teaching techniques.

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